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Timing at 16919 Four Gee Rd

On numerous occasions drivers are neglecting right of way laws which have caused numerous accidents as well as many near accidents. This intersection is heavily traveled by kids as it is close to a high school, middle school and shopping...
IN PROCESS about 13 hours ago #00340001

Timing at 3328-3570 Carmel Valley Rd

The traffic signal timing at southbound El Camino Real and Carmel Valley Rd is extremely short, especially at rush hour in the afternoons. Southbound on El Camino Real the light is green for no more than 15 seconds creating back ups, no...
REFERRED 3 days ago #00338693

Timing at 5080-5098 54th St

At 0600, 6am, this light will not change for cars travelling North on 54th St. trying to cross or turn onto Montezuma Rd. It seems to only trip when pedestrians, or side traffic turns. It may be set for a longer time? or malfunctioning?...
IN PROCESS 11 days ago #00334808


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