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Tree Hazard at 10969 Chardonnay Place

Roots from a eucalyptus tree just outside my back yard have gotten into the spa in my back patio 30 feet away. It's also gotten dangerously tall and branches occasionally fall into our yard. The city came out 5 or so years ago and trimmed...
NEW about 6 hours ago #00298804

Tree Hazard at 1445 Shipley Ct

Large pine tree between curb and sidewalk with roots that have broken up concrete driveways of two adjacent houses, sidewalk, curb, and street. Storm water drain, fire hydrant, gas and electric/communications lines within five feet of tre...
NEW about 6 hours ago #00298801

Tree Hazard at 1910 Park Valley Lane

Neighbors tree has fell on my yard across my fence and I have children that go out side
NEW about 7 hours ago #00298775

Tree Hazard at 11556 Almazon Street

Tree is heaving sidewalk and local kids are using as jump for bikes, scooters, and skateboards resulting in injuries. City has been out to repair / mark up sidewalk but not to remove tree. This is the second time I have reported this tr...
NEW about 8 hours ago #00298736

Tree Hazard at 5101-5239 Bloch St

A row of untrimmed eucalyptus trees with large already broken branches and more sagging branches threatening fences and cars. Look unstable with every wind event and could go up like a torch the next time a fire comes as close as the 200...
NEW about 8 hours ago #00298735

Tree Hazard at 1302-1316 25th St

A palm tree was cut down by the city from the street more than three years ago and the stump was not removed creating a potential hazard for tripping. The tree is in front of 1316 25th Street.
NEW about 10 hours ago #00298682

Tree Hazard at 7533 DRAPER AV, 92037

Palm fronds and crown and dates about to fall.
IN PROCESS about 11 hours ago #00298664

Tree Hazard at 8701-8705 Encino Ave

Large clumps of grasses block visibility at the south east corner of Encino and Murray ridge Road.
NEW about 13 hours ago #00298544

Tree Hazard at 3895 Cottonwood Street

The tree has grown fungus. When it rains and it is windy it makes cracking noises and small branches fall off. The tree is infront of our home and we park our cars there, we are afraid it might cause damaged to our cars.
NEW 1 day ago #00298455

Tree Hazard at 3416 Ogalala Ave

Palm tree dropping dead palm fronds on parked cars, traffic & sidewalk. Car paint damage & sidewalk trip hazard.
NEW 1 day ago #00298444

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