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Encampment at 1818 First Ave

New encampment on the 1st Ave overpass
IN PROCESS - 1 minute ago #03318893

Pothole at 2964 La Jolla Village Dr, La Jolla

Ongoing problem of bridge to roadway transition dip/bump that jars cars wheels and front ends!!!
NEW - 8 minutes ago #03322206

Pothole at Garnet Ave

2 really bad potholes in the eastbound lanes of garnet where it turns into balboa going under the 5 freeway and approaching Morena Blvd . Traffic goes fast there and there is no room to see or avoid the deep potholes . Can send a car out...
IN PROCESS - 29 minutes ago #03322204

Light Out at 8336 Paseo Del Ocaso, La Jolla

Light out for last 3 months
NEW - 29 minutes ago #03322202

Encampment at 3005 Meadow Grove Dr

Same guy and same car. He is passed out under there and living in car. This guy has been caught at least twice on video stealing mail from residents and here he is again.
IN PROCESS - 31 minutes ago #03321110

Encampment at 3222 Michaelmas Tr

2 tweekers doing drugs living in vehicle
IN PROCESS - 32 minutes ago #03319275

Encampment at 3201–3249 Michaelmas Terr

Someone is living in their truck. Causing a mess and a disturbance.
IN PROCESS - 33 minutes ago #03321115

Encampment at 3008–3010 N Evergreen St

Tweeker living in vehicle in Neigborhood
IN PROCESS - 34 minutes ago #03316712

Encampment at 3264 Rosecrans St

Homeless encampment
IN PROCESS - 34 minutes ago #03310366

Encampment at 3252 Rosecrans Street

IN PROCESS - 34 minutes ago #03316751

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