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Pothole at 62nd St

less than a minute ago
Pothole at 62nd St

Pothole at 2254 W Mission Bay Dr

Hit a series of potholes in excess of 3 inches on N. Ingram st @ West mission bay drive
IN PROCESS - 1 minute ago #02486548
Pothole at 2254 W Mission Bay Dr

Storm Drain at 3522 Crown Point Drive

There is a big cavity / hole close to storm drain and resident concerned about it. Thank you.
IN PROCESS - 3 minutes ago #00353274

Pothole at E Harbor Dr, National City

Large pieces of concrete and asphalt have lifted from the rains, the are from Sampson to 28th ST on the ship yard side of road is falling apart, large potholes all over the street very dangerous
NEW 3 minutes ago #02486546

Parking Issue at 8536 Encinitas Way

White VW parked for over a month and a half
CLOSED - 4 minutes ago #02469539
Parking Issue at 8536 Encinitas Way

Parking Issue at 964 Worthington St

Has been parked at this location three weeks and starts its fourth week 12-17-18.
CLOSED - 5 minutes ago #02467137

Parking Issue at 6231 Skyline Dr

The Zblack small pick up truck has been stationarly parked in the same spot from Oct.26 to Jan16 .The person is a young Hispanic male that drives the truck and lives adjacent at 6225 Skyline Drive Tgey have 5 vehicles at this home. Silver...
NEW 6 minutes ago #02486539

Parking Issue at 610 Braun Ave

Car moves every week order so but remains on the block. No neighbor sees it being moved either
CLOSED - 6 minutes ago #02478375

Missed Collection at

Green container was not picked up Tuesday morning
CLOSED - 6 minutes ago #02486031

Pothole at 4760 College Ave

Several potholes & alligator cracking, #2 Lane southbound College Ave
IN PROCESS - 7 minutes ago #02486534

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