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Storm Drain at 1827 Granada Ave

NOTE: CHOSE CLOSEST DRAIN TO PROPERTY: There appears to be an unknown storm drain on the southwest portion of the property that I just bought. I can't figure out where it runs and it doesn't appear to be in any of the storm drain documen...
IN PROCESS - 2 minutes ago #03930187

Traffic Sign at 17010 Bernardo Center Dr

Road sign is faded. Difficult to read at night due to loss of reflectivity.
IN PROCESS - 3 minutes ago #03933686

Pothole at 4971 Trojan Avenue

Road repaved
IN PROCESS - 3 minutes ago #03933659

Parking Issue at 4800 Coronado Ave

The car has been parked in the same spot for two months. It has trash and spider webs.
IN PROCESS - 4 minutes ago #03928495

Illegal Dumping at 4769 4921 Coconino Way

Someone dumped mattresses and metal bed frames on the side of my garage and my fence
CLOSED Your report has been addressed by the responsible party - 5 minutes ago #03921418

Graffiti at 3220 44th Street

Translated: .
IN PROCESS - 5 minutes ago #03928993

All Lights Out at Ramfos Pl & S Woodman St,, 92139

IN PROCESS - 12 minutes ago #03933704

Light Out at 11201–11267 Village Ridge Rd

The traffic light at the intersection of Village Ridge Road and Scripps Poway Parkway does not turn green for cars trying to turn east from Village Ridge Road onto Scripps Poway Parkway. This has been ongoing for the last 2 weeks. The li...
IN PROCESS - 17 minutes ago #03933560

Flashing Red at Soledad Mountain Rd & Garnet Av,, 92109

IN PROCESS - 17 minutes ago #03933474

Sidewalk at 2218 Chalcedony St

Sidewalk and driveway approach is lifting and presenting a trip hazard. This is a city street and not Military housing.
IN PROCESS - 18 minutes ago #03933705

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