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Parking Issue at 2937 2nd Ave

This car has been parked and never moved for almost a month.
CLOSED - 1 minute ago #02702247

Illegal Dumping at 4805 Montezuma Rd

Dangerous right? A black couch was abandoned on the right lane in the west direction of Montezuma Rd. This is dangerous for drivers and bicycle riders
CLOSED Crews were deployed, but were unable to locate the problem reported. If the problem remains, please submit another report with additional location details - 2 minutes ago #02704337
Illegal Dumping at 4805 Montezuma Rd

Sidewalk at 5188 Zion Ave

I'm (fairly) young and agile. Two more elderly friends, though, have fallen in the Allied Gardens / Benjamin library parking lot in the past seven weeks. It's badly in need of complete repair, not simply slopping some thin layer over the...
REFERRED This report has been referred to appropriate department or agency at - 2 minutes ago #02706591

Illegal Dumping at 11045 Bootes St

Large White Folding Patrician Wall blocking side walk, Numerous Alcohol containers scattered about, numerous bags of Feces lying about. We have cleaned this area Twice, but due due to the Needle sightings and each time it appears w...
CLOSED Your report has been addressed by our field crews - 3 minutes ago #02685759

Parking Issue at 1135 Fresno St

CLOSED SDPD does not enforce private property parking. You may call any tow company to have the vehicle removed from your property. - 4 minutes ago #02705819

Parking Issue at 5530 Thunderbird Ln

Trash in trailer with no registration and parked over 72 hours
CLOSED - 5 minutes ago #02694295

Parking Issue at 2959 2nd Ave

Parked for six weeks and not moved
CLOSED - 10 minutes ago #02672554

Parking Issue at 5115 Soledad Rd

This white van is living at Kate Session park & has been for at least 2 months
CLOSED E19080040426 created for dispatch. - 13 minutes ago #02706581

Parking Issue at 225 Redwood St, San Diego, Ca 92103, Usa

Car parked in handicap spot for more than 3 days. Spider webs hangings from wheels already
CLOSED - 13 minutes ago #02699247

Parking Issue at 4013 33rd St, San Diego, Ca 92104, Usa

CLOSED Referred to 72hr - 16 minutes ago #02701471

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