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Light Out at Pacific Highway Frontage Rd

There is 19 street lights out. I've counted them. It is very dark and very unsafe walking on this street. Please fix all 19 street lights. 3800 block of pacific highway all the way to 4137 pacific highway.
IN PROCESS - 16 minutes ago #00298873

Light Out at 3061 Island Ave

The lights have been out for the past 3 days
NEW about 3 hours ago #00298860

Light Out at 3606 Clairemont Dr

Light has been out for a while on Clairemont Drive the one with the "Rapphannock Avenue" sign is out and also light pole prior to this one is also out or flickering didnt see a number these two poles causes poor visibility and darkness in...
IN PROCESS about 7 hours ago #00298766

Light Out at 944 22nd Street

Light is out.
NEW about 8 hours ago #00298739

Light Out at 12980 AVENIDA MARBELLA, 92128

IN PROCESS about 8 hours ago #00298731

Light Out at 777–793 Sea World Dr

Several street lights out on Sea World Drive, heading west.
IN PROCESS - about 9 hours ago #00298707

Light Out at 12110 Callado Rd

The street light is out at the corner of Acena Dr. and Callado Rd.
IN PROCESS - about 11 hours ago #00298634

Light Out at 7373 Tooma Street

In Bay Terrace Neighborhood Park there are three separate lights out. One by the city storage shed, One along the walkway behind the city storage facility, and one out next to the restrooms in the park
REFERRED about 12 hours ago #00298625

Light Out at 10935 Negley Avenue

Street light between 10925 and 10935 Negley Ave in Scripps Ranch is frequently out at night.
NEW about 12 hours ago #00298621

Light Out at 5757 Adobe Falls Road

light across the street from 5757 Adobe Falls
NEW about 13 hours ago #00298567

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