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Other at 751 27th St

Hole in fence to highway.
NEW - 5 minutes ago #00324515
Other at 751 27th St

Sidewalk at 1509 Chalcedony St

Very uneven sidewalk needs correction
IN PROCESS - 10 minutes ago #00324492
Sidewalk at 1509 Chalcedony St

Pothole at 2527 1st Ave

Huge pot hole in sidewalk.
IN PROCESS - 11 minutes ago #00324500
Pothole at 2527 1st Ave

Traffic Sign at 1356 Pacific Beach Drive

Parking sign (street sweeping schedule?) knocked down and is now a tripping hazard.
IN PROCESS - 15 minutes ago #00324404

Tree Hazard at 4601 Cheshire Street

I have made a previous request about this same tree and have received NO RESPONSE. I do NOT appreciate being ignored, and this program by the City does NOT work it no one ever follows through with these requests.
IN PROCESS - 16 minutes ago #00324386

Traffic Sign at 8800-8844 University Center Ln

Right Turn Only sign about to fall over. NW corner of the intersection of Nobel Dr and University Ctr Lane. Right near the 5 overpass. The sign is about to fall over. Is hard for drivers to read. Right Turn Only. Mounted on a RR tie.
IN PROCESS - 22 minutes ago #00324401

Tree Hazard at Del Mar Scenic Parkway, Del Mar

Torrey Pine Tree drooping seriously down over traffic just west of Del Mar Scenic Parkway and Caminito Mar Villa. This has been reported numerous times and documented by the city as a hazard but no running as of yet
IN PROCESS - 23 minutes ago #00324446

Sidewalk at 4196 Manzanita Dr

Cracked/Missing sidewalk surrounding a Water meter access cover, in front of 4196 Manzanita Dr. The hole is large enuff for a child's foot to go thru. It could cause a lot of damage/cost to the City. I told U about this about a year ag...
NEW - 38 minutes ago #00324495

Sidewalk at 830 6th Avenue

There's a freight elevator in the sidewalk for deliveries. Its steel cover has a large hole in it, about 3x5 inches where I think maybe some sort of latch or handle used to be. That hole is a significant tripping hazard.
NEW - 38 minutes ago #00324455

Pothole at Sunset Ridge Drive

Sunset Ridge in Scripps Ranch (92131) . The first 150 ft south of Spring Canyon is destroyed. It is dangerous! Please fix this road!!! I was promised in 2012 that it would be fixed in 2014. What's going on??
IN PROCESS - 39 minutes ago #00324418

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