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Other at 4712 Nogal St

Road continuously floods every time it rains. Stormwater services told me to contact Streets Division, as the road itself seems to be the problem. There are no storm drains nearby. 3 roads flow into one channel and this channel is not...
IN PROCESS - 9 minutes ago #02505794

Other at 526 Grape St

Trash on sidewalk
NEW - 17 minutes ago #02512524
Other at 526 Grape St

Other at 11361–11377 N Torrey Pines Rd

I ride my bike down here almost daily. The rains seem to have washed out the embankment in this spot. It looks like it may already be washed out under the bike lane. This is about the level of the entrance booth for the park, on the edge...
NEW - 28 minutes ago #02512530

Other at 827 w broadway

Sidewalk crossing light on both sides of Broadway (controlling the pedestrian crossing of Kettner) not working properly. Instead of switching to the white (walk) figure, the "red hand" figure jumps but does not change to indicate that it...
IN PROCESS - 38 minutes ago #02512504

Other at 9018 Covina St

Foliage blocking 35% of sidewalk.
NEW - 39 minutes ago #02512503

Other at 9046 Three Seasons Rd

Foliage blocking 45% of sidewalk.
NEW - 40 minutes ago #02512500

Other at 10344 Brookhurst Ln

Foliage blocking 50% of sidewalk.
NEW - about 1 hour ago #02512498

Other at 3401–3499 Day St

Multiple shopping carts on day st
NEW - about 1 hour ago #02512490
Other at 3401–3499 Day St

Other at 2520 E St

Broken base of street acorn light.
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #02512366
Other at 2520 E St

Other at 2560–2586 Genesee Ave

Pretty much the entire north/westbound travel lanes of Genesee between 163 and Linda Vista Rd is destroyed. The road is so full of new and previously patched holes that it had become impossible to maintain driving in a single lane. It...
IN PROCESS - about 4 hours ago #02512357

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