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Other at 722 Genter St

I am trying to find a contact email to write my concerns about how there are no recycling bins in La Jolla except at the recreation center, my idea to help the community is to have plastic recycling bins somehow connected to each trash ca...
NEW - about 1 hour ago #03391516

Other at 1626 Ebers St

We ordered a new garbage can and our old garbage can needs to be disposed of. Attached is a photo of it showing the number and bar code.
NEW - about 4 hours ago #03391399
Other at 1626 Ebers St

Other at 1736–1752 Essex St

Abandoned shopping cart 2 wheels missing
NEW - about 5 hours ago #03391343

Other at 4300–4376 Aldine Dr

Weed barrier and graffiti prevention. Could the city plant vines in the weed barrier, that does not inhibit weeds, and plant vine plants to go up the base of the Aldine wall to prevent increasing graffiti?
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Other at 415 Market St

Looks like personal belongings but it also looks like an illegal dumping
NEW - about 5 hours ago #03391342
Other at 415 Market St

Other at 510 Fourth Ave

Illegal dumping of boxes
NEW - about 5 hours ago #03391047
Other at 510 Fourth Ave

Other at 518 Sixth Ave

Wiring on my post is exposed someone could get hurt
IN PROCESS - about 6 hours ago #03391306
Other at 518 Sixth Ave

Other at 6531 Boon Lake Ave

Our recycle bin was demolished when city recycling came to pickup today. We would like to report this and order a new one to be delivered prior to next pickup on the 25th or 26th as they usually come a day after they are supposed to.
NEW - about 6 hours ago #03391312

Other at 4248 Sorrento Valley Blvd, San Diego, Ca 92121, Usa

Sorrento valley road south of carmel mtn road has general pavement failure. Tree roots and utility trenches causing longitudinal cracks which are dangerous to cyclists. Pls repair asap.
IN PROCESS - about 7 hours ago #03276636

Other at 458 26th St

Homeless making camp in front of middle school. Will stay the whole weekend and do it during the week. Have talked to security at the school and tell him to leave everyday. But still comes back
NEW - about 8 hours ago #03391229

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