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Other at 13477 Shoal Summit Dr

Street name sign attached to streetlight was damaged by trash truck. Please repair or replace. Signs read Shoal Summit and Grosse Pointe
IN PROCESS - about 2 hours ago #03489484

Other at 801 Pearl St

Blocked sidewalk—a homeless woman has claimed this sidewalk entrance with her belonging (multiple urine-filled containers among other things). It is not possible to isle this sidewalk, especially because there is construction scaffolding...
NEW - about 6 hours ago #04167547

Other at 3446 40th St

Dog barking nonstop
NEW - about 6 hours ago #04167536

Other at 6335 Acorn Street

House appears abandoned with excessive weeds and a dead rat on porch
NEW - about 8 hours ago #04167504

Other at 812 Torrance St

Landslide onto roadway
IN PROCESS - about 8 hours ago #04167467

Other at 1602 State St

Noise complaint
NEW - about 9 hours ago #04160057

Other at 4554 Monroe Ave

Multiple construction issues from the City’s storm water replacement project at Monroe Ave and Max Drive. Two street signs knocked down and one palm tree knocked down from the construction effort. Please get the Mayor’s office involved...
IN PROCESS - about 10 hours ago #04167395

Other at Dean E. Beattie Mem Hwy

Trash build up under the 163 overpass on Genesse westbound. Closest cross street is Cardinal and Genesee. It appears to be a abandoned homeless site. I've almost cleaned it myself but there's no sidewalk on that side.
NEW - about 11 hours ago #04167350

Other at 1727 Essex St

6 Shopping carts in alley
NEW - about 12 hours ago #04167289

Other at 6415 Gross St

Tree trimmings left in street
IN PROCESS - about 12 hours ago #04167240

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