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Street Flooded at 7387 Hightree Ln

The front of my street curve gets flooded , water isnt flowing through causing a massive puddle and flood causing debris to be stagnated in front of my house.
IN PROCESS - 3 days ago #02614820

Street Flooded at 110 Laurel St

Backed up storm drain?
IN PROCESS - 4 days ago #02629435
Street Flooded at 110 Laurel St

Street Flooded at 548 S 33rd St

La Bon Way is the access road to the houses along So Bancroft and So 33rd St,cross street Martin St. This is a dirt road that needs to be leveled and the potholes filled so that the cars can go into their homes. There are no storm drains...
IN PROCESS - 4 days ago #02603430
Street Flooded at 548 S 33rd St

Street Flooded at 7154 Olivetas Avenue, CA, United States

The street has major flooding and standing water on the sidewalk and roadway of Olivetas Ave during rains. I called before in December about this. Flooding occurs into the homes adjacent to the very shallow curb (1 inch high) and a repeat...
CLOSED - 7 days ago #00141139

Street Flooded at 7800 Eads Ave, La Jolla

NW corner of Silverado/Eads intersection does not drain. Standing water usually impedes use of pedestrian crosswalk. Eads drainage swale needs to be raised to level of Silverado, or Silverado gutter needs to be reduced to level of Eads sw...
IN PROCESS - 11 days ago #02469325

Street Flooded at 4520 36th Street, San Diego, CA, United States

The alley behind the property located at 4520 36th Street is causing mud and flooding anytime there is a light rain. The mud forms around the back gate, parking, and dumpster area. It's maybe 3 inches thick and VERY slippery. It is imposs...
CLOSED It was evaluated and determined that no action is warranted at this time. - 11 days ago #00127890

Street Flooded at 3021 Hunrichs Way

Everytime it rains, water collects and sits until it is swept out or eventually dries. The street is not graded properly in this area. A city worker is sweeping it as I speak and suggested I contact the City. The homeowner at 3021 Hunr...
IN PROCESS - 11 days ago #02463472

Street Flooded at 4083–4099 Ingraham St

On the corner of Ingraham and Pacific Beach Dr, in front of Crown Point Jr Music Academy...every time it rains, this corner floods and when people drove on that lane, nasty water splashes everywhere! If it's before or after school, kids g...
IN PROCESS - 11 days ago #02510475
Street Flooded at 4083–4099 Ingraham St

Street Flooded at 6645 Jouglard St

More information on extreme water flow originally reported as a storm drain problem. 02525842. Also related to report 02563129 and 02514156. There is a large outflow of water in the Canyon between the streets Plaza Crest Ridge and Parkl...
IN PROCESS - 12 days ago #02588447

Street Flooded at 1945 B St

Claim - during rainstorm storm drains in the area either became clogged or were insufficient to handle the water. Unable to drain property, the water backed up and eventually flowed into the apartment units flooding the property under as...
IN PROCESS - 12 days ago #02573676

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