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Street Flooded at 14643 El Camino Real, Del Mar

Street has been flooded for days
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #04427890

Street Flooded at 4216 47 Th St

Mud and other stinky matter
IN PROCESS - 7 days ago #04384437

Street Flooded at 775 Midway St, La Jolla

The unpaved alley to our garage floods with every rain. The water sits for days. Thereafter we seem to battle mosquitos. I am fairly convinced that they breed in that water and hatch with the next rain. The problem has gotten so bad tha...
IN PROCESS - 8 days ago #04417292

Street Flooded at 3740 Fourth Ave

Actual address is entire 3700 block of alley between 3rd and 4th Ave., between Pennsylvania and Robinson sts, water floods alley constantly regardless of weather, no rain for weeks and it will still be flowing, breeding mosquitos!! Where...
IN PROCESS - 9 days ago #04416914

Street Flooded at 3544 33rd St

7/19/2023 A workman who crawled under my house said that there is evidence of damage to wooden support beams from storm water settling under the house. There is no storm water currently present so it is easy to see. He said the duct which...
IN PROCESS - 10 days ago #04332492

Street Flooded at 3600 Fairmount Ave

alley flooded with water
IN PROCESS - 12 days ago #04222404

Street Flooded at 601 Pacific Highway

Clogged Storm Drain in the Street - mosquitoes. UNSURE IF THIS IS A CITY DRAIN.
IN PROCESS - 15 days ago #04384390

Street Flooded at 7110 La Jolla Scenic Dr S

Major flood from broken Broch in the mount Soledad behind the fence of 7110 Lajolla scenic South, mudslides
IN PROCESS - 20 days ago #04157342

Street Flooded at 1012 Lincoln Ave

This is a follow up to report #03884380. It has been nearly 90 days since I filed this report. Nothing has done as far as I can tell. The street runoff from last week's rains continued to wash through our side yard. Update please?
IN PROCESS - 20 days ago #03991793

Street Flooded at 3920 Marlesta Dr

Standing water this has been reported many times. How long do we have to wait?
IN PROCESS - 22 days ago #04398581

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