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Street Flooded at 30 Th St & L St,, 92102

Street is flooded.
IN PROCESS - about 16 hours ago #04155525

Street Flooded at 4101 Orange Ave

constant flooding that occurs after every rainfall
IN PROCESS - about 20 hours ago #04164778

Street Flooded at 4319 42nd St

No positive drainage. Constantly ponding in front of several residences.
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #04164597

Street Flooded at 7110 La Jolla Scenic Dr S

Major flood from broken Broch in the mount Soledad behind the fence of 7110 Lajolla scenic South, mudslides
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #04157342

Street Flooded at 4829 Mansfield St

We moved into our home Jan 2023 and we are in the middle of the street at the lowest point of Mansfield Street. Mansfield Street is completely flooded in the middle with no storm drains and our sidewalk is flooded as well since the sides...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #04161563

Street Flooded at 3097 Menlo Ave

Water pooling up my driveway, if rain continues it will come further up towards my foundation. Drainage ditch always clogs with dirt flowing down Redwood (no sidewalks so lots of dirt flows down steep hill). Please send pump truck to clea...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #04155308

Street Flooded at 9102–9148 Carmel Mountain Rd

Standing water on the street on Carmel Mountain Road eastbound lane near Black Mountain Road ,
IN PROCESS - 5 days ago #04161273

Street Flooded at 4457 36 Th St, 92116

Flooded in the Alley. Water hits the brakes of the cars causing damage.
IN PROCESS - 5 days ago #04149768

Street Flooded at 4520 36th St

Ally flooded
IN PROCESS - 5 days ago #04159557

Street Flooded at 3386 33rd St

Due to incorrect sloping of the street by the city when 33rd street was repaved has caused flooding and water pooling in the street on the corner of 33rd street and upas. I have reported this in the past and nothing was done. This cause...
IN PROCESS - 6 days ago #04156147

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