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Timing at 4026 Wabaska Dr

The light turns red for traffic on Voltaire when no traffic is coming from Wabaska. Then, the light stays red for traffic on Voltaire for entirely too long with no traffic from Wabaska. The timing is way off and traffic on Voltaire is b...
IN PROCESS - about 1 hour ago #00392936

Timing at 6250–6320 Otay Mesa Rd

Left turn on heritage road going west on Otay Mesa road does not sense cars. Intersection of Otay Mesa road and Heritage. Left turn signal.
IN PROCESS - about 2 hours ago #00305581

Timing at 3865 Rosecrans St

Pedestrian Cross button for Pacific HWY is disabled until about 15 seconds before the light changes. I have to keep pushing the button over and over until it worked just seconds before the traffic light changed. Pushing the button before...
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #00392762

Timing at 3132 Moore St

Southbound Pacific Highway left hand turn lane triggering with no vehicle present
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #00384445

Timing at Rosecrans St

The timing at Womble and Rosecrans is off. Womble (by The Rock Church / heading north I believe) would be green for about four minutes with hardly any cars turning. The Rosecrans light is red for about three seconds. Causing major back up...
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #00314179

Timing at Rancho Bernardo Rd

Turning red when you approach, even though there isnt another car in sight. Then takes almost a full minute to turn green. Ive seen numerous people run this light and many in RB that are set up like this because the lights are soo bad in...
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #00392040

Timing at 6598 Bisby Lake Ave

After recent under-street work, the cycle time for South bound Bisby Lake Ave at Navajo Rd is extremely short. With 2 or more vehicles waiting, the signal goes green for just enough time for 1 vehicle to cross the intersection or make a l...
IN PROCESS - about 15 hours ago #00392659

Timing at Turnbridge Way

After a year + of underground work in the area, the left turn lane green arrow signal for North bound Lake Murray Blvd on to Turnbridge Way in San Carlos needs to be reset. When the left turn lane is activated by a vehicle, the straight t...
IN PROCESS - about 15 hours ago #00392654

Timing at 11522 Spring Canyon Rd

Traffic signal on intersection of Spring Canyon Rd and Blue Cypress Dr consistently turns red on main cross street of Spring Canyon Rd even when there is no cross traffic or pedestrians from minor cross street Blue Cypress Drive. Should...
IN PROCESS - about 20 hours ago #00392517

Timing at 8957 Lake Murray Blvd

The timing of the signals at this intersection was changed to favor cross traffic on the Turnbridge Way/Furguson crossing during water main construction many months ago. The construction has long since gone, but the signals still favor T...
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #00392010

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