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Timing at 10700 Carmel Mountain Rd

Traffic light cycling far faster than usual, with the Cucu Street green light on for a full 45 seconds despite of no waiting traffic or pedestrians. Suspect the new construction fence across Caminata Deluz, the opposing street to Cucu....
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #02427757

Timing at 4490 Viewridge Ave

The light for Viewridge will turn green with no cars waiting and will remain green for an extended period of time with no cars having been waiting at the light or cars passing through the intersection. On the flip side, traffic on Balboa...
IN PROCESS - about 7 hours ago #02427651

Timing at Montezuma Rd

Eastbound Montezuma turning left northbound at 55th St. receiving a green arrow when there are no vehicles in the left turn pocket
IN PROCESS - about 8 hours ago #02427614

Timing at 3045 Nimitz Blvd

Ridiculous, only six cars were allowed to turn left this morning from Nimitz to Rosecrans North. Please fix the timing there is an entire queue of cars waiting to turn left onto Rosecrans.
IN PROCESS - about 9 hours ago #02427609

Timing at 63rd St

63rd and El Cajon Blvd. east bound turning left to northbound 63rd St. Gives a left turn arrow when there are no cars in the left turn pocket.
IN PROCESS - about 10 hours ago #02427576

Timing at 3819–4107 Ward Rd

Signal at Ward Rd and Camino Del Rio S is NOT operating correctly. Timing is minimal for just 2 cars out of Ward. Long line at Ward. See picture. Street was recently resurfaced. Was the signal sensors put back?
IN PROCESS - about 12 hours ago #02427520
Timing at 3819–4107 Ward Rd

Timing at 3800 Lomaland Dr

Light stops Catalina traffic for more than 5 mins and will not trip even without any cross traffic. Orion damages the trigger plates during road construction and they need to be fixed.
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02427458

Timing at 3954 W Point Loma Blvd

Westbound on W. Pt. Loma Bl., crossing Groton St., motorists see both red & green lights simultaneously, very confusing. Please use red left-turn arrow light instead. Thx.
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02427432

Timing at 5545 Ocean Gate Ln #221

Takes very long
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02427206
Timing at 5545 Ocean Gate Ln #221

Timing at Sports Arena Blvd & Rosecrans St

Yesterday , on 10/18/18 At around 2:20 pm ,The stoplight to turn left on I believe it’s sports arena blvd and rosecrans st, turned red within seconds while only three cars were able to turn left on green.I was the third car in line to tur...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #02427165

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