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Timing at 850 W Mission Bay Dr

Every 15 seconds the protected turn signal turns on when no one is waiting to turn into the parking lot.
IN PROCESS - 17 minutes ago #03160819

Timing at 3119–3199 Del Mar Heights Rd

Worst light in history
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #03160733

Timing at Mission Gorge Rd & Jackson Dr

Just like Report Number: 03131245 says, the light does not turn green when exiting the Mission Trails Parking lot. I have sat through 3 cycles of this light before giving up and turning right onto Mission Gorge Rd when what I really want...
IN PROCESS - about 4 hours ago #03160678

Timing at Sports Arena & Rosecrans St

Westbound to Sports Arena blvd: only 3 cars let through
IN PROCESS - about 9 hours ago #03160072
Timing at Sports Arena & Rosecrans St

Timing at Parkdale Av & Mira Mesa Bl

Always runs green for Mira Mesa Blvd straight, will cycle through multiple without allowing turns
IN PROCESS - about 12 hours ago #03159804

Timing at Eastgate Mall & Miramar Rd

Good Morning, So ever since they have done some type of construction on the NW corner of Miramar road and Eastgate Mall, the traffic lights do not respond to the “Trip lines” ? in the road for cars wanting to turn left onto Eastgate Ma...
IN PROCESS - about 12 hours ago #03159741

Timing at Colusa St

Traffic signal operating incorrectly. Pedestrian button is triggered for every light change even when no one pushes the pedestrian button.
IN PROCESS - about 13 hours ago #03150932

Timing at 10376 Spring Canyon Rd, San Diego, Ca 92131, Usa

WB ScrippsPwy Pkwy left turn green to SB Spring Canyon lasts just 2 secs
IN PROCESS - about 13 hours ago #03150942

Timing at 4149 Nobel Dr

Constituent reached out to D1 to report timing issue at intersection of Nobel & Cargill, specifically for bicyclists. The light is not very accommodating to bikers (it won't notice that a biker is there to provide a signal and if a signal...
IN PROCESS - about 15 hours ago #03159188

Timing at Friars Rd & Riverdale St

Westbound Friars Rd left turn onto Riverdale St turn lane light always turns green regardless of any turn lane traffic in the turn lane delaying Eastbound Friars from getting a green light.
IN PROCESS - about 23 hours ago #03159621

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