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Timing at 11248 Carmel Creek Rd

Taking long causing traffic
IN PROCESS - 3 minutes ago #00324470

Timing at Friars Road

The traffic signal for westbound traffic on Friars Road and Frazee intersection was recently changed to a much shorter green cycle. It appears to be a minute and is causing traffic to back up during rush hour times. Often only 10 cars...
NEW about 2 hours ago #00324477

Timing at 8492 Calle Cristobal

The cross street, Ave del gato, light is always triggered ever since they repaved that street. The result is that Calle cristobol has a red light when no cars or pedestrians need to cross.
CLOSED - about 3 hours ago #00298793


CLOSED It was evaluated and determined that no action is warranted at this time. - about 3 hours ago #00298795

Timing at Washington St & Dove St

Turn signal east and west bound comes on every cycle if if no car is in the lane. Think of the useless pollutants that are needlessly ruining our ad by idling when no cars want to turn left
IN PROCESS - about 4 hours ago #00324267

Timing at 10402-10410 Genesee Ave, La Jolla

In the mornings, the timing is off for the traffic signal on Genesee at the west side of the 5 on/off ramp. If you are coming east in the morning on Genesee (ie from UCSD, never having been on the 5 but trying to cross the 5 to go inland...
REFERRED This report has been referred to Caltrans San Diego at - about 5 hours ago #00324323

Timing at 1017-1021 Santa Barbara St

Palm trees are dropping palm fronds hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles.
IN PROCESS - about 6 hours ago #00308663
Timing at 1017-1021 Santa Barbara St

Timing at 56th St

The timing on this traffic signal, crossing over El Cajon Blvd, driving North on 56th street. The tomorrow my used to be fine and now it takes a minimum of 2 minutes! Please correct back to 45 seconds !
CLOSED - about 6 hours ago #00298285

Timing at 9420 Scranton Rd

Going straight on Scranton through Mira Mesa Blvd light is too short and is backing up through the light behind it. The recently added chick fil a has majorly impacted traffic around lunchtime
IN PROCESS - about 6 hours ago #00324299
Timing at 9420 Scranton Rd

Timing at 9098 Camino Santa Fe

The signal turns red for traffic approaching on Camino Santa Fe and turns green for the driveways to the two companies on the west side of the street when there are no vehicles waiting in the driveways. This happens to me about 80% of th...
IN PROCESS - about 9 hours ago #00324204

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