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Timing at Mt Alifan Dr & Genesee Av

Goes red when there's no cross traffic
IN PROCESS - about 6 hours ago #03001568

Timing at Montezuma Rd & Campanile Dr

On Montezuma Road at Campanile Drive the left turn lane from heading east to heading north is being given a green arrow when there are no cars in the left turn pocket thereby delaying traffic on Montezuma heading westbound.
IN PROCESS - about 19 hours ago #03001290

Timing at Amberglades Ln & Carmel Mtn Rd

The walk signal crossing the south side of the intersection is always on. This causes north/south people to have to wait for the walk cycle every time.
IN PROCESS - about 19 hours ago #03001271

Timing at Nautilus St & Avnda Mirola

The light on our street at nautilus street has a broken timer. It stays red to turn left onto nautilus from Avenida Mirola forever and then once changed so we can go stays on for only 2-3 seconds. I think the timing is broken. Thank you.
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #03000874

Timing at 3787 Twain Ave, San Diego, Ca 92120, Usa

At Fairmount Ave and train Ave, the walk signal on the east side keeps coming on with no one pushing button
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03000448
Timing at 3787 Twain Ave, San Diego, Ca 92120, Usa

Timing at Linda Vista Rd & Via Las Cumbres

Traffic loop/sensor (N-S) activates on its own and disrupts traffic flow.
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03000416

Timing at 434 Beech St

Trim all trees
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #02987451

Timing at Rosecrans St & Loma Square, San Diego, Ca 92110, Usa

Traffic light didn't signals through 2 times. Stuck at Evergreen for 3 light s
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #02999815

Timing at 7230 Park Ridge Blvd

Traffic lights to cross Navajo road on Parkridge road only stay green for a short time, not allowing nearly enough time for a bicyclist to safely cross Navajo Road. They also do not change from red to green for bicyclists waiting to cross...
IN PROCESS - 3 days ago #02999161

Timing at Scripps Ranch Blvd & Meanley Dr

On 6/29 or 6/30 I noticed the light going south on Scripps Ranch Blvd turns RED for no apparent reason at 5:00 AM. And since then, during morning hours, same thing. There are no cars coming from Meanley Drive. Thank you.
IN PROCESS - 3 days ago #02999155

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