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Timing at 5323 Mission Center Rd

The westbound portion of the driveway at this intersection had been closed for a month or two due to construction of the new Chick Fil A. Once it reopened, something happened to the timing of the light. At the end of the day this is a h...
IN PROCESS - 41 minutes ago #02706544

Timing at 5323 Mission Center Rd

Going westbound from the parking lot unto Mission Center Drive, the signal is so short that it turns red before even one car can pass through the intersection. The timer need to be reset so that several cars can go through.
IN PROCESS - 42 minutes ago #02706542

Timing at 4393 Viewridge Ave

Heading east on Balboa, signal at Viewridge turning north does not give a green light to turn left onto viewridge
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #02706231

Timing at Clairemont Mesa Bl & Santo Rd

Turning left onto Clairmont Mesa from Santo rd. Both directions now turn at the same time. This is new. In the past the left turn signals were at different times. several times now I have nearly been hit from the car from the opposite dir...
IN PROCESS - about 17 hours ago #02705781

Timing at 2499 Pacific Hwy

Just sat in the left turn lane for 8 and a half minutes. 2 days ago it was 7. Needs to be adjusted. Thanks!
IN PROCESS about 19 hours ago #02705747

Timing at 3842 Mississippi St

Sensor does not detect bicycle waiting at NB Mississippi signal.
IN PROCESS - about 19 hours ago #02705510

Timing at Rancho Bernardo Rd & Pomerado Rd

There is no good Category/Type for my issue, so I chose the closest one. I am unable to trip the left turn signal with my bicycle at the corner of Rancho Bernardo Road and Pomerado Road, when turning south onto Pomerado from westbound Ran...
IN PROCESS - about 19 hours ago #02705613

Timing at Mt Alifan Dr & Balboa Ave

WB Balboa Ave. left turn lane to SB MT. Alifan Dr. green arrow - timing is off. Left green arrow incredibly short - only about 4 cars. Causes a real back up. This is a change in timing occurring in the past couple of weeks; was al...
IN PROCESS - about 22 hours ago #02705276

Timing at Pacific Hwy

The traffic light at the intersection of Pacific Highway and Enterprise Street has a terrible timing issue and needs to be fixed, please. Vehicles heading east on Enterprise into the SPAWAR Navy complex are stuck at this light for 15 min...
IN PROCESS - about 23 hours ago #02704663

Timing at 1835 Imperial Ave

Left turning lane onto 5 north freeway. Left arrow light turns red very quickly during morning rush. Not enough time for cars to turn at most 2 or 3 cars are able to turn.
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02704677

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