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Curb at 7888 Cuvier St, La Jolla

i received a parking ticket on 4/14/19 @ 7800 Cuvier on the west side of the street. A remedy needs to be made- there is 3-4 feet of red after a defunct curb cut, there is no place to pull in, then there is parking. So a car can park i...
IN PROCESS - 5 minutes ago #02567250

Curb at 4480–4498 58th St

This curb was recently painted red and a sign was installed. Someone removed the sign and painted over the red with gray paint. This corner is notorious for illegally parked cars.
IN PROCESS - 44 minutes ago #02478169

Curb at 4966 Santa Monica Ave

Weird tred zones and white lines
IN PROCESS - about 2 hours ago #02571251
Curb at 4966 Santa Monica Ave

Curb at 1857 Bluehaven Ct

Red paint for fire hydrant close to 1857 Bluehaven Ct is short. Paint proper red paint. Also, paint red curb for the driveways at the end of the cul-de-sac.
IN PROCESS - about 4 hours ago #02570814

Curb at 3695 Merrimac Ave

As is evident in the attached photo, the curb at the southwest corner of the Merrimac Avenue and Glasgow Drive intersection is cracked in multiple places. Also, a chunk of curb has broken away from the main curb. This damaged curb unequ...
IN PROCESS - about 15 hours ago #02571076
Curb at 3695 Merrimac Ave

Curb at 3927 8th Ave

Red curb was recently panted for alley clearance next to 3927 8th Ave, but only at the pedestrian ramps. Nearby fire station uses alley as an access point, therefore we need more red curb and are requesting to paint six feet of red curb o...
IN PROCESS - about 18 hours ago #02566526

Curb at 3166 Howard Ave

Curb painted red illegally.
IN PROCESS - about 20 hours ago #02503144
Curb at 3166 Howard Ave

Curb at 3190 Adams Ave

The cement of the driveway between the blue and red paint is about 4 inches high, it should be flush with the asphalt of the street. It's difficult for cars to enter and exit the driveway. Because the driveway slop is not pronounced enoug...
IN PROCESS - about 21 hours ago #02570661

Curb at Laurel St & Boundary St

Install red curb at the ramps because cars are blocking.
IN PROCESS - about 22 hours ago #02552365

Curb at 3291 Collier Ave

d Collier street we're painted red. Someone painted them gray. On one corner the weeds covers up the red curb.
IN PROCESS - about 22 hours ago #02529799

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