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Curb at 32.76 N 117.12 W

There is a small curb in front of the complex I manage that is too small for people to park in, but they still try. This ends up blocking our residents from being able to get out of some of their parking spots. Can we have this section pa...
8 months ago
Curb at 32.76 N 117.12 W

Curb at 6100–6198 Malcolm Dr

Totaled white pickup, trash on sidewalk and street this is on Cartagena and Malcolm
NEW - 9 months ago #04441671

Curb at 10151–10229 Aero Dr

Weed removal service
IN PROCESS - 9 months ago #04441371

Curb at 3784 Nobel Dr

Not an urgent situation where the bike lane is currently blocked. The north side of Nobel Drive (westbound direction) between Danica Mae Dr and Lebon Dr is signed with a class II bike lane and no parking signs. However, the no parking sig...
IN PROCESS - 9 months ago #04435360

Curb at 3473 Hill St

Fake painted red curb -
NEW - 9 months ago #04438761

Curb at 4339–4399 Oregon St

Is this illegal painting? Someone spray painted black over red curb. Can you please. Thank you .
NEW - 9 months ago #04438792

Curb at 8655 Longwood St

They have painted the incorrect street addresses on our curb which can be an emergency issue and is causing problems with mail delivery issues on our street
NEW - 9 months ago #04440259

Curb at 3268 Brant St

City heavy equipment, while engaging in the replacement of the curb/corner on the NW corner of Brant St and Thorn St, crushed my curb in front of my house at 3268 Brant St, 92103.
IN PROCESS - 9 months ago #04440764

Curb at 3329 Brant St

The Curb is broken and dangerous in 3 different places, right where the person on the passenger side would step out. Easy to see river rock down to the street, the curb is broken and shattered so bad. Senior citizens live in the area an...
IN PROCESS - 9 months ago #03958390

Curb at 3269 N Mountain View Dr

Curb in front of our house is broken/failing in several places and requires replacement
IN PROCESS - 9 months ago #03655218

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