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Encampment at 3003 Ulric St, San Diego, Ca 92111, Usa

Camp with 2 people and lots of belongings off genesee. No access from ulric, park on genesee and walk west towards point.
IN PROCESS - 12 minutes ago #03082615

Encampment at 2449 Soto St

This was an abandoned encampment that I already tried to have cleaned up, but the report was shut stating nothing was found. If your facing Point Loma bay apartments 2449 Soto St, it's just to the left of the big light by the sidewalk.
IN PROCESS - 12 minutes ago #03082564

Encampment at 4265 Nimitz Bl

Camp of 3 or 4 located along the off ramp from Nimitz to Catalina famosa. Right by the overpass
IN PROCESS - 13 minutes ago #03080923

Encampment at 3812 Keating St, San Diego, Ca 92110, Usa

Canyon behind 3812 Keating St, illegal dumping, dry brush fire hazard. The reports say it has been closed however, the area which was mowed and attended to was not the area intended. The area is up at the very top of Keating, behind...
IN PROCESS - about 5 hours ago #03083555

Encampment at 2052 Columbia St

2 camps already set up and 2 more unloading to set up for the night in front of building. Smoking something that does not appear to be cigarettes. Not safe for me to try and take a photo.
IN PROCESS - about 8 hours ago #03083500

Encampment at 1730 Third Ave

Hole in fence. Huge encampment
IN PROCESS - about 11 hours ago #03083420

Encampment at 564 Fir St

Camp next to construction site
IN PROCESS - about 11 hours ago #03083413

Encampment at 1970 Columbia St

This is a continuing problem. Now there are at least 6 homeless. The police run them off and they come back with even more homeless. They have broken into our building a stolen bicycles, and broken into storage units. We have had a prob...
IN PROCESS - about 12 hours ago #03083394

Encampment at 560 16th St, San Diego, Ca 92101, Usa

In front of public storage
IN PROCESS - about 15 hours ago #03083286

Encampment at 7240 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, Ca 92111, Usa

taking up parking spots for customers in front of store. please do something. this drives away my customers!!
IN PROCESS - about 16 hours ago #03083267

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