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Faded striping at 1200 Third Avenue

At of 1200 3rd Avenue behind the handicap next to the huge Civic Center Plaza next to sidewalk is supposed to be a white 3-minute unloading zone along the whole strip until you get to the yellow commercial side. Same side where they have...
CLOSED This report was forwarded to the appropriate service provider for future follow-up. - 9 months ago #00296571

Faded striping at 6710 Amherst St

Red curb faded needs repaint at 6710 Amherst st
CLOSED - 9 months ago #00280222

Faded striping at 5015 Cape May Ave. # 211 92107

Red zone by the alley is so faded that people park there all the time and it is getting worse and very dangerous. Can't see to turn left out of the alley. It is on Bacon St. before the alley way of Cape May and Saratoga. There is a short...
CLOSED - 9 months ago #00283157

Faded striping at 2101 Main St

Yellow and red zones faded. Need repainting.
CLOSED - 9 months ago #00352651
Faded striping at 2101 Main St

Faded striping at 5491 Linda Rosa Ave., La Jolla

Red curb marking in front of the fire hydrant and adjoining handicap ramp have faded. 2) The handicap ramp has little or no red curbing. 3) The little amount of red curbing on either side of the handicap ramp on Midway & Linda Rosa...
CLOSED - 9 months ago #00282231

Faded striping at 3839 Nipoma Place, San Diego, CA, United States

Even though it's a fire lane and it's marked red, people constantly park their vehicles right there for hours and sometimes overnight. There is plenty of parking on the street but they keep parking on the fire lane. We would like to have...
CLOSED City crews recently resolved the issue or conducted the necessary repairs as reported in your inquiry. - 9 months ago #00238494

Faded striping at 8248-8298 Genesee Ave

Because of construction and lane realignment, It isn't clear which lanes Southbound Genesee traffic flows into when crossing Nobel Dr. The lane striping suggests lane 1 traffic can go into lane 1 or 2 south of Nobel while lane 2 north of...
CLOSED - 9 months ago #00327312

Faded striping at Scripps Highlands Drive

The striping along Scripps Highlands Drive that is very faded and the patch they had done that is hazard. The patch has dropped in one spot and is a bump in another.
CLOSED - 9 months ago #00329876

Faded striping at 10960-10998 Scripps Ranch Blvd

Fading lines for bike lane no symbols of biking symbol in the bike lane. Needs green paint to let people know it's a bike land. Repainting needs to be done right away.
CLOSED - 9 months ago #00342456
Faded striping at 10960-10998 Scripps Ranch Blvd

Faded striping at 5348 Carroll Canyon Rd

Missing center line stripping and turn markings. I thought that when the 11 miles of SDGE work was complete the nearly new roadway would be repaired and the strips put back down? This intersection is extremely dangerous even with the st...
CLOSED - 9 months ago #00341915

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