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Storm Drain at 5421 5599 Conrad Ave

Both north corners of Conrad and Arvinels are continuously flooded and clogged. There is always debris, grass, growing in a bad smell. It needs to be cleaned and taken care of.
IN PROCESS - 36 minutes ago #04159545

Storm Drain at 4150 Lee Av

Brow ditch brush bio filter clean up after on city side causing flooding in school side
IN PROCESS - about 14 hours ago #04166666

Storm Drain at 5282 Mission Center Rd

Blocked river culvert and trash
IN PROCESS - about 14 hours ago #04166931

Storm Drain at 5221 Mission Center Rd

Location is river below Mission Center Rd bridge. Debris from this recent storm and debris that was never removed from the massive winter storm of 2016 appear to be blocking drainage. This has caused trash and garbage to create a giant m...
IN PROCESS - about 14 hours ago #02464069

Storm Drain at 4451 Hermosa Way

As a result of the drain being unmaintained, we have lost a 15-foot x ~1/2 mile section of our front yard, which is now at the bottom of the canyon. The water from the backed up drain has destroyed our front pillars, sprinkler lines, land...
IN PROCESS - about 14 hours ago #04167132

Storm Drain at 1601 1799 Edgemont St

Report 04157051 was closed with no action taken by the city. I was forced to clear the storm drain myself to prevent further flooding. This storm drain will clog again during the next rain and it will flood the adjacent properties unless...
IN PROCESS - about 14 hours ago #04166626

Storm Drain at 1735 Edgemont St

The storm drain in the alley behind 1735 Edgemont St. is routinely clogged with debris. The alley is not paved, and the dirt and debris run off and collect on the storm drain during the recent rains. I have been cleaning the city's storm...
IN PROCESS - about 14 hours ago #04142218

Storm Drain at Mission Crossroads, 5989 San Dimas Ave

Sink Hole Gina, per our conversation here are photos of the sinkholes that have appeared on our property. The issue is behind our Crossroads building address 5989 San Dimas Ave. 92110. We have cordoned off the area with tape and signs...
IN PROCESS - about 16 hours ago #04165268

Storm Drain at 5553 Adobe Falls Rd

For over two months water has been coming down from the hill across from 5553 Adobe Falls Rd. All HOA irrigation has been disconnected for over 5 years. We had a plumber come out and they stated that this problem occurred before and is fr...
IN PROCESS - about 17 hours ago #04166034

Storm Drain at 601 Pacific Highway

A drain on California Street is clogged
IN PROCESS - about 17 hours ago #04161697

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