Faded striping at 272–376 Thorn St

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Submitted Jan 14, 2018

When are you going to add dedicated bike lanes, going south, on Fourth Avenue from Hillcrest downtown? For your information, there is a wonderful bike lane from downtown that goes all the way to Robinson Avenue in Hillcrest, on fifth Avenue, going north. But on the level road of Fourth Avenue (From Hillcrest, starting at Robinson Avenue to Laurel Street), going south, towards downtown, there are no painted bike lanes!!

Issue: Other Markings/Legend

SAP Notification Number: 150000871206

address: 272–376 Thorn St

coordinates x,y: -13042355.681717366, 3860824.1417889167

coordinates lat,lng: 32.7398503711752, -117.1614744980979

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