Street Flooded at 4352 Del Mar Ave

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Submitted Feb 12, 2018

Alley floods after each and every rain. This has happened ever since the City put the new cover in the alley a few years ago. There is no drain and the raised cover (water or sewer) and area around it create a huge puddle that causes flooding into the neighboring garages and yards. The trash trucks then run through it creating muddy ruts and splash debris on the fences and garages. Me and my neighbors have reported this after rains but the City has never fixed the problem, drained the area, etc. Can you put a drain in? Can you put gravel in? The cover has created a nuisance as with each rain we have to put sand backs in place to prevent flooding from a puddle where there shouldn't be one. Attached is a photo from a garage looking to the middle of the alley. This flooding didn't occur until after the City's work putting in the new cover years ago. Feel free to contact the neighbors too. It seems like this would be an easy fix with a drain and gravel.

SAP Notification Number: 040300009106

address: 4352 Del Mar Ave

coordinates x,y: -13051527.845201375, 3860228.1953740264

coordinates lat,lng: 32.73534726082164, -117.2438694445592

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