Timing at 2497 Fogg St

IN PROCESS - 4 months ago #02721059
Submitted Wed Sep 04, 2019

This intersection is dangerously blind and needs to be looked at to find a solution. Either trim back foliage or reduce speed limit on the main eastbound 2 lanes of traffic. It is impossible to gauge if the road is clear. Once oncoming traffic is clear, and no cars are approaching are visible, pulling out to make a right hand turn can be a deadly choice. Cars coming down are not able to see the cars making turns into their lane. When this happens, both drivers are caught by surprise be it car, bike or motorcycle. There have been plenty of near misses. Please evaluate this intersection from both vantage points and make changes to extend the visual sight line for each end. This is extremely dangerous. It's like merging onto a freeway without any sight line to see the cars coming until they are 20 feet away. Very dangerous! This is the very definition of a blind corner.

SAP Notification Number: 040300188294

address: 2497 Fogg St

coordinates x,y: -13049324.581864996, 3869405.5916023897

coordinates lat,lng: 32.80466857349554, -117.2240771932591

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Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:32pm Opened
Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:32pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone