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Street Flooded at 2701 Beatrice Street

Since the road repair, whenever it rains the water floods in front of our homes, 2701 and 2711
CLOSED This issue will be addressed as part of other projects or City work occurring nearby. - 3 months ago #00316607

Street Flooded at 424 W Calle Primera, San Ysidro

there is a dip in the road on W. Calle Primera just before Via Segundo that gets flooded can the City clear the drains around it before this coming rain fall?
CLOSED - 3 months ago #02804792

Street Flooded at 4712 Nogal Street, San Diego, Ca, United States

With all this rain, the road is flooded. There are no storm drains to disperse the water. Every time a vehicle goes through, water is forced into my yard.
CLOSED - 3 months ago #00136464

Street Flooded at 4712 Nogal St

Flooding every time it rains. Cars fly through forcing the water up into my drive way and floods my yard
CLOSED - 3 months ago #00300120

Street Flooded at 4737 Castana St

The canal that runs through 4750 Castana Street lower so that the water that runs off of Imperial street and to the Chollas Creek watersged will stop flooding the houses that are across the street from this property. we were informed tha...
CLOSED - 3 months ago #02473563

Street Flooded at 1050 Anchorage Ln

The City of San Diego's email for the stormwater channel maintenance priority survey said to enter information on areas in Get It Done if the area/site was not listed in the survey. The area between The Headquarters and the Hyatt downtow...
CLOSED - 4 months ago #02677832

Street Flooded at 8722 Stipa Ct

I have significant groundwater flowing from my property onto the street. In order to get to the storm drain in the street, the runoff has to traverse a cul-de-sac. The almost constant stream of water causes the roadway to become slippery...
CLOSED This report was forwarded to the appropriate service provider for future follow-up. - 4 months ago #02880311

Street Flooded at 2955 Wing St

Storm drain runoff coming into my house ! Hurry please !
CLOSED - 4 months ago #02830261

Street Flooded at 9002 Keir St

The rain flooded the street and broke the wood planks on the sidewalk. Now there is a big hole left that has been there for months and it has been reported in the past and unfortunately ignored by the city.
CLOSED - 4 months ago #00115523
Street Flooded at 9002 Keir St

Street Flooded at 642 W Maple St

last rain street flooded and alot of dirt on the road, cars are slipping when they go around the corner at west maple street and dove street.
CLOSED It was evaluated and determined that no action is warranted at this time. - 4 months ago #02481335

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