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Timing at 18650 W Bernardo Dr

Walk button on South side of street is in-op. I would also suggest changing the walk cycle to a permissive walk with a red ball for all directions. Too many incidents reported where pedestrians are crossing and their right of way is vio...
IN PROCESS 2 days ago #02488581

Timing at Front St

Pedestrian button doesn't bring up walk guy crossing harbor drive at intersection of front and harbor dr.
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #02488369

Timing at Lebon Dr & Nobel Dr

Light is stuck on red for long periods in the early morning (4AM) and frustrated vehicles are running the red light. Please adjust.
IN PROCESS - 3 days ago #02488188

Timing at 12822–12918 High Bluff Dr

Going South bound on high bluff (coming from housing neighborhood to businesses) though Del Mar heights blvd, at light, if I'm the only car, it never turns green despite it cycling through the other lanes. This happened numerous times,...
IN PROCESS - 3 days ago #02486005

Timing at 1901–1921 Sanyo Ave

Traffic signal changes for an extended period of time on Otay Mesa Rd when there is no oncoming traffic coming from Sanyo Road.
IN PROCESS - 4 days ago #02485284

Timing at N Harbor Dr & Harbor Island Dr

Red light after red light at each subsequent light
IN PROCESS - 4 days ago #02482688

Timing at 900–998 W Washington St

Short left turn light timing Washington St north and Goldfinch St. Traffic does not clear because it only lets 2 cars through.
IN PROCESS - 4 days ago #02487174

Timing at Palm Avenue Station

See previous reports sent about this that were closed because you determined that no action was warranted. This morning, as I was crossing on the walk sign with PLENTY of time left to do so, the signal abruptly changed when I was in the m...
IN PROCESS - 4 days ago #02487084


Cycles a lot with no traffic
IN PROCESS - 4 days ago #02460591

Timing at E Harbor Dr, National City

The lights at the intersection of Harbor Drive and 28th St are not timed correctly you sit at the light for up to 5 min when nobody else is coming down harbor drive. If timed correct the whole area would no be so backed up. A ticket was o...
IN PROCESS - 4 days ago #02486558

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