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Timing at 7901–7999 Aero Dr

At the intersection of Linda vista rd and aero, the left hand signal does not detect a bicycle. This is from west bound Aero Dr turning left to south bound Linda vista.
CLOSED - about 16 hours ago #00339530

Timing at 9821 Aero Dr

Traffic light to make a left turn on arrow drive to Murphy Canyon Road is not working stays red
CLOSED - about 16 hours ago #00339466

Timing at 3591-3599 Daley Center Dr

When riding in the bike lane from Daley center drive across Aero to Ruffin, the light will never sense a cyclist and turn green, despite bike Lanes on both sides of the street.
IN PROCESS - about 17 hours ago #00339899

Timing at Cargill Ave & Nobel Drive

When turning left from Cargill Ave to Nobel Drive the light switches from green to red too quickly. Only one to two cars (sometimes 3) can get through the intersection before it changes.
CLOSED - about 18 hours ago #00332674

Timing at 10471–10499 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

Light takes too long to change. Sometimes turns red for all directions then goes back to red for waiting cars and green for empty lanes.
IN PROCESS - about 19 hours ago #00337393

Timing at 14719 Carmel Valley Rd

The timing on this light is way off, especially noticeable during rush hour between 5 and 6pm. On Carmel Valley road only 5 or 6 cars per lane go through before the light changes. Coming from Black mountain, there are only a few cars wait...
IN PROCESS - about 19 hours ago #00337246

Timing at 2606 Clairemont Drive

Cross street is Denver. Can someone check the timing of this traffic signal at Clairemont Drive & Denver Street? Coming down Clairemont Drive going west to the freeway. This light now stays green for only about 20 seconds and it is taki...
CLOSED - about 19 hours ago #00325191

Timing at 2440-2490 Otay Center Dr

**Request Arrow Signal Light** Location: Siempre Viva Rd and Otay Center Dr. (Otay Center Dr. Signal light south bound needs arrow light due to safety). We have seen many drivers (mostly foreign nationals) not yielding properly creati...
REFERRED This report has been referred to appropriate department or agency at - about 20 hours ago #00339788

Timing at Shoal Creek Dr

Changes from Green to Red in main direction (traffic on Rancho Carmel Dr), even if no traffic waiting or coming from cross-direction. This happens for multiple other lights on Rancho Carmel Dr. between Ted Williams Pkwy and the North...
CLOSED - about 20 hours ago #00339181

Timing at Montezuma Rd & Campanile Dr

Intersection of Montezuma Rd and Campanile Dr is on a 24-hour automation. Was this due to street resurface? If so this has ended. Please remove unnecessary signal timing automation. It appears to be on all day giving bland unnecessary gre...
CLOSED - 1 day ago #00339066

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