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Timing at 3301–3303 43rd St

Traffic light on 43rd stays stuck on red
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #00296060
Timing at 3301–3303 43rd St

Timing at Camino Del Rio W & I-8 & Kumeyaay Hwy

Metered traffic signal from Camino Del Rio West to I8 East is not functioning properly. Left lane and Carpool lane operate regularly, while middle lane only operates occasionally.
NEW 1 day ago #00296090

Timing at 7TH AVE & MARKET ST,, 92101

Traffic signal PED chirping sound has increased in volume so bad that you can hear it on the 15th floor.
IN PROCESS 2 days ago #00296051

Timing at WASHINGTON ST & LINCOLN AV,, 92103

IN PROCESS 2 days ago #00296047

Timing at COLLEGE AV & UNIVERSITY AV,, 92115

IN PROCESS 2 days ago #00295988

Timing at 10331 Friars Rd

The traffic signals at the intersection of Santo Rd. and Friars Rd. default to green for traffic coming off Santo Rd., and stay green even when no traffic is approaching on Santo Rd. Meanwhile, traffic backs up on Friars Rd. I have obse...
IN PROCESS 2 days ago #00295968

Timing at 10413 Genesee Avenue

Traffic signals on Genesee are not synched correctly for traffic onto I5 North. When one light is green, the other is red so it doesn't allow for the flow of traffic to pass over the bridge and onto the I5 North onramp. If you send someon...
NEW 2 days ago #00295943

Timing at Fairmount Ave

The signal defaults to the Turnbridge Way/Ferguson Way direction every 2 minutes, even when no vehicle has triggered the signal to change. This causes all traffic on North and South bound Lake Murray Blvd to have to stop for no reason.
NEW 2 days ago #00295908

Timing at 1002 S 32nd St

the red light doesn't change for 3 minutes only for the 32nd street (on corner of 32nd and national avenue). it only stays green for a few seconds.
NEW 2 days ago #00295891

Timing at 10331 Friars Rd

Light at Intersection of Santo Road and Friars Road stays green for the people on Santo Road going south towards Friars Road even if there is nobody waiting at the light. Seems like a sensor on the ground is keeping the light green for th...
IN PROCESS 2 days ago #00295833

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