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Pothole at 5305-5373 Fairmount Ave Expy

Please repair several potholes going NORTH on Fairmount Ave, from Montezuma Rd all the way to the 8 Freeway ramp. There are several on the middle lane, and the right lane. I cannot pull over to take pictures, if you can please inspect and...
IN PROCESS about 4 hours ago #00296400

Pothole at 4505-4887 Montezuma Rd

Please repair several potholes on the eastbound lane of Montezuma Rd. Both lanes, starting from Fairmount Ave all the way to Collwood Blvd. I cannot pull over to take pictures of every single pothole, there are many. Please patch them all...
IN PROCESS about 4 hours ago #00296399

Graffiti at 4346-4376 Redwood St

Grafitti in wall
NEW about 5 hours ago #00296383

Other at 4454 58th Street

I would like to request more traffic control/presence at the 4 way intersection of Adelaide and 58th St. It's a 4 way stop intersection which is heavily used during commuter hours. Many drivers excellerate through the intersection witho...
NEW about 5 hours ago #00296382

Light Out at Sandrock Canyon Trail

Street light is out and miss cover, wiring has been pulled out, cut and vandalized. Please repair.
NEW about 6 hours ago #00296379

Other at 700 Grand Avenue

All concrete parking stops in parking stalls are either broken in pieces or missing please repair. This is the second report of this nature.
NEW about 6 hours ago #00296378

Light Out at 6205 Malcolm Drive

Light out at street intersection of 6205 Malcolm Dr and Cartagena.
NEW about 15 hours ago #00296362

Pothole at 12472 Pomerado Court

The street needs the asphalt repaired. This has been requested dozens of times over the last several years.
NEW about 16 hours ago #00296360

Sidewalk at 2644 Del Mar Heights Rd, Del Mar

Located on the south side of Del Mar Heights between Portofino Dr. and Mango Dr. Metal plates that are across the entire sidewalk have been getting more and more rotten and curved. Orange cones were placed on the area (by the city?) mo...
IN PROCESS about 18 hours ago #00296349

Light Out at 11840-11898 Rancho Carmel Dr

Street light out on NW corner of Rancho Carmel Drive and Carmel Mountain Rd
NEW about 18 hours ago #00296348

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