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Timing at Curie Elementary School, Governor Drive

The walk signal needs to be delayed a few seconds at the corner of Governor and Edmonton, so that kids can safely cross the street to school. Right now there is no delay and cars are still in the crosswalk, or going through the intersecti...
NEW 11 days ago #00291875

Timing at W ASH ST & KETTNER BL,, 92101

IN PROCESS 11 days ago #00291857

Timing at Azuaga St

Sensor for those leaving Azuaga St does not work right. You have to be sitting at the light for at least 20 seconds for you to get the option for a green light. All of the other parts of the intersection only have to pull up 1 second befo...
REFERRED This report has been referred to Caltrans San Diego at - 11 days ago #00291770

Timing at 7475 LUSK BL, 92121

I have now witnessed a significant amount of cars having to burn the red light as they had been waiting for over 5 mins even though there is absolutely no traffic to justify a red light for them.. The light we have to exit our complex is...
IN PROCESS 11 days ago #00291741

Timing at NORTH HARBOR DR & W LAUREL ST,, 92101

IN PROCESS 11 days ago #00291678

Timing at Texas Street Auto Clinic, El Cajon Boulevard

Going East on El Cajon Blvd. the Left turn light to Texas Street is only long enough for barely one car to go through. This has been happening the past week or so around 3:30-4:00
IN PROCESS 11 days ago #00291672

Timing at UNIVERSITY AV & MENLO AV,, 92105

Pedestrian flashers out on south side
IN PROCESS 11 days ago #00291663

Timing at 4020 Fifth Avenue

The traffic lights at the intersection on 4th and Washington were out yesterday morning. Later in the afternoon and so far today, the turn signal, for Washington traffic to turn north on fourth avenue, has not come back on. People are...
NEW 11 days ago #00291613

Timing at 7898 Stalmer Street

The timing of this signal is too short. Traffic stopped on Stalmer, facing Linda Vista, is backing up because the signal does not last long enough for cars to get through the light. Because of this, the traffic down Stalmer St. is backing...
IN PROCESS 11 days ago #00291598

Timing at 14719 Carmel Valley Rd

When turning left onto black mountain from Carmel valley left turn arrow only stays on a few seconds causing major backup
NEW 11 days ago #00291576

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