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Timing at 11201 Pomerado Rd

The left turn lights on EB Pomerado at Scripps Ranch Blvd, Avenida Magnifica and Semillon will turn green when no cars are present causing WB traffic on Pomerado to have to stop. This really disrupts WB flow of traffic.
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00354994

Timing at 9566 Regents Rd, La Jolla

I already reported on this and it was deemed fixed. But today I got on Regents south from Genesee and hit every single red light all the way to Nobel. Of course then I got omn Genesee and got every red light there until the 52. So awesome...
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00357022

Timing at 8501 Costa Verde Blvd

Intersection of Cargill and Nobel - left turn from WB Nobel onto Cargill has sensors. No car was in the left turn lane but the green arrow turned on anyway
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00359491

Timing at Carmel Creek Road

The traffic signal leaving the shopping center turns green every 45 seconds whether there is a car there or not. The intersection is Carmel Creek Road and the Piazza Carmel shopping center entrance. Photo is looking at the light that au...
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00359524

Timing at 9301–9315 Genesee Ave

It takes like 3 cycles to get threw the left turn
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00359683

Timing at Peppergrass Creek Gate

Construction site has messed up the light. Airoso residents have to wait forever to get a green.
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00359565

Timing at 3751 Richmond St

Signal light timing is off at this intersection Robinson Ave and Richmond . The timing is bad very long for the less traveled road The very busy Robinson side of signal only let's about 6 cars through on a light. PLEASE fix this light s...
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00362825

Timing at 3372 Park Blvd

Left turn arrows from Park Blvd to Upas go green every single phase even without cars. The construction here has made it a lot worse. During the morning rush hour, the northbound left turn lane has been closed, but the arrow still goes gr...
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00362058

Timing at Eastgate Mall

Light Is really long even tho there is no traffic
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00359611

Timing at 4703 Ruffin Rd

Left turn signal going from South to North, turning West is not picking up cars, stays red.
CLOSED - about 2 years ago #00359622

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