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Encampment at 3860 Murphy Canyon Rd, San Diego, Ca 92123, Usa

IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206716

Encampment at 815 E St

Really big encampment
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206667

Encampment at 7450 Hazard Center Dr

Psycho homeless man killing animals under freeway bridge
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206624

Encampment at 659 W Washington St

Illegal encampment time of incident 8:02PM
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206568

Encampment at 519 26th St

Illegal encampment Blocking Sidewalk corner Market St and 26th st please Displace to Local Shelter as the people are literally sleeping near Street curb very Dangerous thank You time Of Incident 8:23PM 01/14/21
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206554

Encampment at 1900–1924 Bacon St

This large group has been camped out, outside of the Starbucks and liquor store on the corner of Newport and bacon for weeks. Tonight As I walked by I was asked if I wanted to buy acid or cocaine, I replied no and as I kept walking they h...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206511

Encampment at 4994 Newport Ave

There's a constant making loud noises in front of the Starbucks when I stick my head out of the window they all scream and yell and send threats and obscenities to me, I've lived here five years and I've never had any issues were resolved...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206494

Encampment at 349 17th St

Large homeless encampment developing on "5" on-ramp from 17th st. Both sides of the on-ramp. J and 17th st.
CLOSED An officer visited the site. Appropriate enforcement / outreach action was taken. Trash has been cleared from the area, and the report has been closed. - 2 days ago #03200320

Encampment at 4265–4277 Aragon Dr

Full size tent erected on sidewalk across from the Kroc Center on Aragon Drive. Large encampment with multiple people sleeping with belongings strewn all over including the street
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206431

Encampment at 3556 1/2 Fourth Ave, San Diego, Ca 92103, Usa

Follow up to closed request. Homeless encampment still on the property blocking access to/from the property from right hand gate facing the alley.
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03206389

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