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Timing at Genesee Av & Boyd Av

signal light stops north-bound Genesee traffic for north-bound left turn to Boyd Ave
IN PROCESS - 13 days ago #02415882

Timing at Aero Dr & Ruffin Rd

I've requested several times for the signal at Aero Dr and Ruffin to be checked for timing in the mornings. It takes forever to give a green for Ruffin traffic. It gives 2 cycles of pedestrian crossing, why 2 separate cycles???. I've aske...
IN PROCESS - 13 days ago #02415392
Timing at Aero Dr & Ruffin Rd

Timing at 7807 Convoy Ct

Traffic signal takes excessive amount of time for traffic Westbound from the 7800 block of Convoy Court. I sat through two cycles of the light until another car came, the sensor in the left turn lane is apparently dead. This has been occu...
IN PROCESS - 15 days ago #02413659
Timing at 7807 Convoy Ct

Timing at 12250 Carmel Creek Rd

When you approach the light on Carmel Creek Road (either direction), the light tends to turn red even though there's no one coming out of the parking lot. It seems as though a sensor is not working correctly.
IN PROCESS - 16 days ago #02413554

Timing at 5808–5898 Copley Dr

Signal on Copley Dive at Hickman Field Drive unusually long red light without opposing traffic. Cars sit at red light forever.
IN PROCESS - 16 days ago #02404513

Timing at 3020 Childrens Way

KO'd signs and missing sign in front of rady children's hospital emergency room on the center island
IN PROCESS - 16 days ago #02412925
Timing at 3020 Childrens Way

Timing at 11010 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

Turn signal only allows 1-2 cars through per green light.
IN PROCESS - 16 days ago #02412738

Timing at Nimitz Boulevard & Rosecrans Street

The timing is off. Only 3-4 cars can get through a green light and there's always a long line of cars waiting. This is for the left turn signal from Nimitz turning left/ north onto Rosecrans.
IN PROCESS - 18 days ago #02412185

Timing at Montezuma & Campanile

Fix the signal at Montezuma Rd and Campanile. At 6:00am traffic goes slow because of your timed looped. Traffic is supposed TO FLOW. Instead this situation is Not helping!
IN PROCESS - 19 days ago #02397909

Timing at 2976–2998 Nimitz Blvd

The left turn arrow from E/B Nimitz to N/B Rosecrans only allows two cars to get through before turning red. Frustrated drivers are going through the red light. I was the fifth car in line and had to wait two cycles to make my turn.
IN PROCESS - 19 days ago #02398232

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