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Timing at 200 Catalina Boulevard

There is major road construction going on up here on Catalina [sewer/water project]. The intersection at Catalina and Electron Drive NEEDS to be longer for the cars that are going North on Catalina between the hours of 3pm and 5pm. You...
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #00339471

Timing at San Clemente Canyon Fwy, Santee

short duration green light backing up traffic on the freeway
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #00338951

Timing at 12504 Black Mountain Rd

Left turn signal on northbound Black Mtn to Park Village apparently was set incorrectly by contractor recently working at that intersection. The duration appeared to be less than 10 seconds. At 5:30 last evening (5/21/18) traffic was ba...
CLOSED - 2 days ago #00338905

Timing at 691-699 Saturn Blvd

Timing getting on to the freeway is too short. The time for those to turn could be much shorter. Adds a good 15 mins to everyone's commute everyday because of the timing of this light.
REFERRED This report has been referred to Caltrans San Diego at - 2 days ago #00339357

Timing at 3792 Nimitz Blvd

Now that Catalina BL N traffic is constricted by construction, vehicles approaching intersection of Nimitz and Atascadero on Tennyson southbound are making illegal left turns on to Nimitz N--sometimes 2-3 vehicles at a time. Posted No Lef...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #00330613

Timing at Friars Rd

The traffic is always piled up on this Qualcomm exit from Friars Road the Light barely stays green long enough for enough traffic to move through here
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #00306850
Timing at Friars Rd

Timing at 10800 Vista Sorrento Pkwy

The timing of the signal at the intersection of Vista Sorrento Pkwy and Sorrento Valley Blvd at rush hour needs to be adjusted. Travelling South on Vista Sorrento Pkwy, crossing Sorrento Valley Blvd, the signal is extremely short, only a...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #00339212

Timing at 9145 Park village

The left turn signal on at the intersection of Park Village Road and Black Mountain Road, going north, has been changed. This is a very busy signal especially during the drive home commute between 5-6:30 pm. This signal now changes very...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #00339108

Timing at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, La Jolla

At the intersection of Villa La Jolla/ La Jolla Village, the light going straight to the UCSD Campus from Villa La Jolla (going North) has been skipping green during the mornings. The light to turn left to go West on La Jolla Village has...
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #00339078

Timing at 9999 Carmel Mountain Rd

Hi, Not sure if anyone else has reported this location but the light turns green for Freeport Rd. even if there is no one waiting and it stays green for quite sometime. Location: Carmel Mountain Rd. and Freeport Rd. 32.960802, -11...
CLOSED - 2 days ago #00338299

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