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Timing at 4025 Avati Dr

The left turn arrows on Morena Blvd. at the intersection with Avati Drive show green even when there are no cars waiting to make a left turn. The wait is a default 20 to 30 seconds, which holds up traffic on both north and south bound Mo...
IN PROCESS about 1 year ago #02889874

Timing at 1030 W Mission Bay Dr

The signal going East is not working properly. It will turn red in the middle of a cycle to allow west bound traffic to turn. The problem is, there’s no traffic turning. There is also a delay in it turning green. The west bound side alway...
NEW about 1 year ago #02889583

Timing at Renaissance Ave & Golden Haven Dr

The timing needs to be checked at this intersection. The red signal at the corner of Renaissance Ave is very long.
IN PROCESS about 1 year ago #02886618

Timing at 11539 Quinalt Point

On Spruce Run Dr.. turn right on Spring Canyon Rd.. The light will turn red on Spring Canyon RD but never on GREEN on Spruce Run RD... so the the time you figure Spring Canyon RD have a Red Signal, you start to make a turn ... the s...
NEW about 1 year ago #02886090

Timing at Midway Dr & Rosecrans St

The light at the intersection going North on Midway Drive does not turn green on Saturday mornings
NEW about 1 year ago #02884416

Timing at 9050 Camino Santa Fe

Light changes without any vehicles to the DRIVEWAY opposite Trade street. See video at:
NEW about 1 year ago #02884101

Timing at 4010 Morena Blvd

When travelling West on Morena Blvd. the U-turn only signal at Avati Dr. cycles through every time delaying traffic flow. I understand that it corresponds to the left turn signal heading East on Morena, but the U-turn light cycles throug...
IN PROCESS about 1 year ago #02882503

Timing at Parkdale Ave

The left turn light on Mira Mesa Blvd to turn left onto park dale avenue south (towards Flanders) does not work! I have waited at the light for up to 12 minutes before...with the lights changing green for every other direction EXCEPT for...
NEW about 1 year ago #02881534

Timing at La Jolla Village Dr & Regents Rd

The light at Regents and La Jolla village drive for the left onto regents is still not timed very well. It seems to be a problem between that light and the upstream light on regents. The left is short and the upstream light is poorly time...
NEW about 1 year ago #02879508

Timing at 934 W Laurel St

Timing on W Laurel St between Kettner Blvd and Pacific Hwy when going towards airport is off.
NEW about 1 year ago #02879363

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