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Timing at Parkdale Ave

The left turn light on Mira Mesa Blvd to turn left onto park dale avenue south (towards Flanders) does not work! I have waited at the light for up to 12 minutes before...with the lights changing green for every other direction EXCEPT for...
NEW 7 months ago #02881534

Timing at La Jolla Village Dr & Regents Rd

The light at Regents and La Jolla village drive for the left onto regents is still not timed very well. It seems to be a problem between that light and the upstream light on regents. The left is short and the upstream light is poorly time...
NEW 7 months ago #02879508

Timing at 934 W Laurel St

Timing on W Laurel St between Kettner Blvd and Pacific Hwy when going towards airport is off.
NEW 7 months ago #02879363

Timing at 974 Camino De La Reina

For protected left turn into Mission Gate from Camino de la Reina east, the light no longer changes for bicycles, only cars.
NEW 7 months ago #02878110

Timing at 6055 Stadium St

Hi, the light pedestrian crossings get activated Friday afternoon all the way till Saturday night on Governor drive from Stadium street until Genesee ave. This is very wasteful - all traffic has to stop on almost every light with no pedes...
NEW 8 months ago #02877673

Timing at Steadman St & Mira Mesa Blvd

At non-coordinated times (early morning and late evening), this light goes thru its full normal cycle, instead of being "demand-driven". Has been this way for several weeks, apparently ever since some street work was done nearby.
NEW 8 months ago #02877308

Timing at 16016 Babcock St

There is a lot of bushes that are over grown and can cause a tripping hazard. Babcock st and Camino del sur
IN PROCESS - 8 months ago #02854470
Timing at 16016 Babcock St

Timing at 2497 Fogg St

This intersection is dangerously blind and needs to be looked at to find a solution. Either trim back foliage or reduce speed limit on the main eastbound 2 lanes of traffic. It is impossible to gauge if the road is clear. Once oncomin...
IN PROCESS - 10 months ago #02721059
Timing at 2497 Fogg St

Timing at 9900 Genesee Ave, La Jolla

Lights metering I 5 N on ramp from Genesee need to be turned off. From Campus Point to getting on the 5N is now a 45 min wait to go 1 mile. It is a waste of time, gas and increases air pollution. Who ever is in charge SD or Cal trans n...
REFERRED 10 months ago #02798669

Timing at 11194–11298 Carmel Mountain Rd

Light on 15 south off ramp will not turn green
REFERRED This report has been referred to Caltrans San Diego at - 11 months ago #02789055
Timing at 11194–11298 Carmel Mountain Rd

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