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Timing at 974 Camino De La Reina

For protected left turn into Mission Gate from Camino de la Reina east, the light no longer changes for bicycles, only cars.
NEW about 1 year ago #02878110

Timing at 6055 Stadium St

Hi, the light pedestrian crossings get activated Friday afternoon all the way till Saturday night on Governor drive from Stadium street until Genesee ave. This is very wasteful - all traffic has to stop on almost every light with no pedes...
NEW about 1 year ago #02877673

Timing at Steadman St & Mira Mesa Blvd

At non-coordinated times (early morning and late evening), this light goes thru its full normal cycle, instead of being "demand-driven". Has been this way for several weeks, apparently ever since some street work was done nearby.
NEW about 1 year ago #02877308

Timing at 9900 Genesee Ave, La Jolla

Lights metering I 5 N on ramp from Genesee need to be turned off. From Campus Point to getting on the 5N is now a 45 min wait to go 1 mile. It is a waste of time, gas and increases air pollution. Who ever is in charge SD or Cal trans n...
REFERRED over 1 year ago #02798669

Timing at 8101–8199 Calle Morelos

This whole street is badly damaged
IN PROCESS - over 1 year ago #02472897
Timing at 8101–8199 Calle Morelos

Timing at 5345 Ocean View Hills Pkwy

Light timing bad from Hidden Trails. Too long with no cars
IN PROCESS - over 1 year ago #02642685

Timing at 11995 El Camino Real

The timing of the light at the intersection of Carmel Vista Rd. and Valley Center is broken. Prior to street re-surfacing several months ago, the light would change when cars approached. Now it is just on a timer, lighting the left-turn...
IN PROCESS - over 1 year ago #02583326

Timing at 6351 Madrone Ave

The entire st from the top of madrone to the bottom of the hill is the worst street iv ever seen in my life it has so many pot holes and no barricades going off the side of the hill no walking lanes or nothing I live on Sullivan and have...
IN PROCESS - over 2 years ago #00370579

Timing at 3328 3570 Carmel Valley Rd

The traffic signal timing at southbound El Camino Real and Carmel Valley Rd is extremely short, especially at rush hour in the afternoons. Southbound on El Camino Real the light is green for no more than 15 seconds creating back ups, no...
REFERRED almost 3 years ago #00338693

Timing at Balboa Av & Kearny Villa Rd

Please consider checking the signal at Kearny Villa Rd and Balboa Ave. The southbound traffic on Kearny Villa Rd was backed up in afternoon traffic 3:30pm all the way to Spectrum Center Blvd. I've been noticing that the "pedestrian" cross...
IN PROCESS - almost 3 years ago #00295159

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