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Light Out at Remington Hills Dr

All of the street lights on Remington Road were out AGAIN on Jan 16, 17, 19. This has happensed intermitting for the last several months.
IN PROCESS about 11 hours ago #02489281

Light Out at 12766 Monterey Cypress Way

Light turns on, but in few hours it turns off and it stay off all night. Needs replacements
IN PROCESS about 12 hours ago #02489220

Light Out at 1202 Diamond St

The street lights have not consistently worked for quite some time now. Several weeks ago, after service was restored, they flickered and went out. I know this is an issue in this area, but I have not seen any city crews troubleshooting...
IN PROCESS 3 days ago #02487515

Light Out at 3295 Caminito Eastbluff, La Jolla

TWO Light lampposts out, as you're turning at the corner of Gilman Drive onto La Villa Jolla Village Drive. ONE Light Lamppost out within that same area on La Jolla Village Drive. Its extremely dark when pedestrians are crossing; especia...
IN PROCESS 4 days ago #02487337

Light Out at 1536 Beryl St

Street light out on north side of Beryl between Ingraham & Wilbur/Haines
IN PROCESS 4 days ago #02487068

Light Out at 5801 University Ave

There's a bunch of pot holes..along the whole road..from 5802-5990. University Ave
IN PROCESS 4 days ago #02486423

Light Out at 12756 Corte Cayucos

Street light is off just south of the overbridge on carmel mountain road (between cloudbreak ave and via las lenas)
IN PROCESS 7 days ago #02484413

Light Out at 1065 Camino del Rio S

Streetlight at the northwest corner of Camino del Rio S and Mission Center is out. The streetlight is at the top of a traffic signal pole.
IN PROCESS 9 days ago #02483738

Light Out at 13812 Via Asti

We are having car break ins and the light has been out for nearly three months. Our HOA said they contacted the City.
IN PROCESS 9 days ago #02483720

Light Out at 1035 S 45th St

Pleaser repair exposed wires at the base of exterior basketball lights pole. Please see attached picture. Thanks G.B.
IN PROCESS 11 days ago #02481473

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