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Light Out at 2488 25th St

Corner property (25th and C Streets) ... antique style street light (in canopy of jacaranda tree) on 25th Street side of property is not working. Business there is TN Auto Repair.
IN PROCESS 1 day ago #02427409

Light Out at 4295 Cordobes Cove

Street light has been out for almost a year. It is the only light at the bottom of the cul-de-sac - not safe to be that dark. I already reported this!
IN PROCESS 4 days ago #02425049

Light Out at 6237 Malcolm Dr

light in front of 6237 Malcolm dr is out
IN PROCESS 12 days ago #02418749

Light Out at 11010 Via Asti

The street light is out in front of 11010 Via Asti San Diego, location "VIA ASTI W/O VIA RIMINI 215' N/S SD" Concrete pole .
IN PROCESS 28 days ago #02407184

Light Out at Homer St

All street lights from Homer to Chatsworth on both Evergreen and Locust are dark in the evenings, have been for 3 months now. This is the third report for this outage.
IN PROCESS about 1 month ago #02391382

Light Out at 1506 Loring St

Numerous street lights off at night in and around this very dark and dangerous intersection. Please fix ASAP. Closest Address to the light: Intersection of Foothill BVLD and Loring St in Pacific Beach. Numerous lights out in the intersec...
IN PROCESS 2 months ago #00396807

Light Out at 8285 Skyline Drive

All the security and parking lights in the park are out.
IN PROCESS 3 months ago #00370106

Light Out at San Pasqual Street

test test test
CLOSED 4 months ago #00360055


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