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Light Out at Sandrock Canyon Trail

Street light is out and miss cover, wiring has been pulled out, cut and vandalized. Please repair.
NEW about 5 hours ago #00296379

Light Out at 6205 Malcolm Drive

Light out at street intersection of 6205 Malcolm Dr and Cartagena.
NEW about 15 hours ago #00296362

Light Out at 11840-11898 Rancho Carmel Dr

Street light out on NW corner of Rancho Carmel Drive and Carmel Mountain Rd
NEW about 18 hours ago #00296348

Light Out at 13545-13549 Portofino Dr, Del Mar

Street light is out. East side of Portofino Dr. across from Cordoba Cove.
NEW about 18 hours ago #00296347

Light Out at 6625 Alvarado Rd

When turning off of College Ave. to Alvarado Rd. it's often confusing to people on where to go and many people tend to drive on the wrong side of the street because it is badly lit.
NEW about 18 hours ago #00296346

Light Out at 2701-2735 Del Mar Heights Rd, Del Mar

Southeast corner of Del Mar Heights at Portofino Dr. Street light has been out since November 2015. I have reported it at least 3 times. Please it is at our intersection and without the light it is very dark
NEW about 18 hours ago #00296345

Light Out at 2681 Jonquil Drive

It doesn't light
NEW 1 day ago #00296150

Light Out at 8725 Ariva Court

Lights at Centrum Park on West side directly on both sides of the Centrum Park Cement signage marker are both out. Please fix.
NEW 1 day ago #00296098

Light Out at 10607 Rookwood Drive

Third report. Scripps Ranch square box light. Crew came by for the second time yesterday to put in new lamp. Used their bucket. Appeared they replaced the lamp. Light was still out last night and tonight as well.
NEW 1 day ago #00296088

Light Out at Stockton Recreation Center, 32nd Street

I was driving on Market west bound from the Costco, many lights out. I live on 31st St. So from Market and 31st to K St on 31st, many lights out. It also looks like street lights are out on Island, both sides of 31st. We have had a work c...
NEW 2 days ago #00296070

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