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Sidewalk at 1236–1286 Pacific Hwy

Sidewalks have not been cleaned since the flooding on 6 December. Unsafe and unsanitary.
IN PROCESS 20 days ago #02472811

Sidewalk at 4230 Campus Ave

The sidewalk is raised unevenly, causing a trip hazard.
IN PROCESS about 1 month ago #02451871

Sidewalk at Market St

Sidewalk blocked by bushes on Market St at I15.
IN PROCESS about 1 month ago #02450634

Sidewalk at 2229 Fern St

at the driveway
IN PROCESS 3 months ago #02433618

Sidewalk at Morena Blvd & Garnet Ave

There are tree branches overhanging the ramp between northbound Morena and westbound garnet. They overhang enough to hit larger vehicles.
IN PROCESS 4 months ago #02395002

Sidewalk at 16802 W Bernardo Dr

There needs to be a trash can installed at the bus stop instead of a black trash bag tied to the bus pole
REFERRED 5 months ago #02389554

Sidewalk at 2335 52nd St

The root of the tree on sidewalk was too big and lifted sidewalk up too high. Three trash bins stayed in front of my garage for long time but nobody take them. Would you please fix the sidewalk and remove trash bins away. Thank you
IN PROCESS 5 months ago #00398501

Sidewalk at 3812 38th St

The sidewalk is unfinished and is a tripping hazard
IN PROCESS 5 months ago #00392992

Sidewalk at 3537 Fifth Avenue

New business neighbor placing portable signs all over street ... in front of my business too. Causing confusion. Should not be doing this.
REFERRED 9 months ago #00328699

Sidewalk at 9212 Irongate Ln

Silver Mercedes double parked blocking sidewalk
REFERRED 9 months ago #00328594

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