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Sidewalk at 10524 Dabney Dr

Sidewalk blocked by tree limbs and brush
IN PROCESS 10 days ago #02847420

Sidewalk at 143–199 W Market St

Paver fell though and hole is very deep in the ground. Looks like it is several feet around. Looks like pavers are sinking around it as well.
IN PROCESS 20 days ago #02837355

Sidewalk at 5353 Mt Burnham Dr

Sidewalk is raised in several sections. I actually damaged the front bumper on my car due to the raised sidewalk. This is at my Mothers house. The sidewalk is very dangerous and is a trip hazard. She just had her hip replaced and it worri...
IN PROCESS about 1 month ago #02820072

Sidewalk at 3035 Ash St

Per water department this is a street division utility cover needs to be replaced on A st near school gate
IN PROCESS about 1 month ago #02819536

Sidewalk at 3559 Grim Ave

The sidewalk in front of my property is old and deteriorated. The City of San Diego has notified me by letter (notification 40300094915) that it needs to be fixed. Given the condition of the sidewalk due to old age, I would like to apply...
IN PROCESS about 1 month ago #02815461

Sidewalk at 1019 Beyer Blvd

The weeds on the center median on Beyer Boulevard need to be maintained. Starting at the end of Broadway in Chula Vista and continuing on to Beyer Boulevard southbound to the SR 905 freeway. This is about a 2.5 mile stretch along Beyer Bo...
IN PROCESS about 1 month ago #02806738

Sidewalk at 3980–4170 Camino Del Rio N

IN PROCESS 3 months ago #02777698

Sidewalk at 8303 San Carlos Dr

Raised sidewalk that has potential for injuries to pedestrians.
IN PROCESS 3 months ago #02768307

Sidewalk at 1101 Market St

outside of Union Bank, we continue to find feces on the sidewalk surrounding our building. We have submitted a work order to have the feces cleaned by our cleaning company, however I wanted to inform the City of San Diego that we need to...
REFERRED 5 months ago #02719047

Sidewalk at 203 W F St

Scooter blocking sidewalk! Outside corral!
REFERRED 5 months ago #02706469

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