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Sidewalk at 2644 Del Mar Heights Rd, Del Mar

Located on the south side of Del Mar Heights between Portofino Dr. and Mango Dr. Metal plates that are across the entire sidewalk have been getting more and more rotten and curved. Orange cones were placed on the area (by the city?) mo...
IN PROCESS about 18 hours ago #00296349

Sidewalk at 4549 Felton Street

HI- I would like to sign up for the 50/50 sidewalk repair program. I received a quote last from the city but wasn't able to do it at that time. I am ready and willing to work with the city to replace my sidewalk at this time. I really...
NEW about 21 hours ago #00296321

Sidewalk at 13134 Sunstone Point

The sidewalk has been raised due to tree roots creating a safety hazard.
NEW 1 day ago #00296156

Sidewalk at 501-555 2nd Ave

Mud completely covering sidewalk. Has impacted the right of way for about 3 days now.
NEW 2 days ago #00295998

Sidewalk at 2990 Murphy Canyon Rd

Bke path along the driving range by Qualcomm and Fry’s west-side on the 15-N, a pedestrian reported broken glass all along the corridor.
NEW 2 days ago #00295926

Sidewalk at 11472 Edgewood Place

Lifted sidewalk. We were advised to send some pictures showing a possible dangerous irregular /lifted surface on our sidewalk.
NEW 2 days ago #00295911

Sidewalk at 4001 Taylor Street

Individuals have set up a booth/information table for free phones on the corner of Taylor St. and Pacific Highway. The booth is unpermitted and blocking the public right of way. The booth has already been removed/evicted from MTS and Stat...
NEW 2 days ago #00295909

Sidewalk at 3900 Fifth Ave

There are several areas along Paseo de Las Americas between Siempre Viva Rd and Airway Dr. Also the driveway entrances are in bad condition.
IN PROCESS 2 days ago #00295800

Sidewalk at 13253 Thunderhead Street

The lid to my water meter box is cracked and broken. Since it is adjacent to the sidewalk I think it is a hazard to kids walking to and from school. I called a week ago and was told that it would be replaced within 48 hours.
NEW 2 days ago #00295793

Sidewalk at 4543 Maryland St

The sidewalk on the east side of the 4500 block of Maryland Street is broken, cracked, raised in areas and coming apart on almost the entire stretch of the block. It is dangerous and needs to be fixed! Please see attached images. Thank y...
IN PROCESS 2 days ago #00295788

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