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Curb at 3333 National Ave

I cited a vehicle for parking in the red driveway access. The following day the curb was painted a nice new bright white on either side of the driveway.
CLOSED - about 21 hours ago #02388127

Curb at 1039 Coast Blvd, La Jolla

Please evaluate whether to remove the red curb between the driveways at 1039 Coast Bl
CLOSED - 6 days ago #02385272

Curb at 2nd Ave & Nutmeg St

Please do a legality check for white zone on the south east corner of the intersection of 2nd Ave & Nutmeg St, next to a fire hydrant.
CLOSED - 6 days ago #02407707

Curb at 3450 Monroe Ave

The curb on the corner of Hawley Blvd. and Monroe AVE have been painted using rattle can spay paint. Also the curbs in front of 4503 Hawley Blvd. has been painted keeping cars back from the drive way and from parking in between the drivew...
CLOSED - 6 days ago #00393364

Curb at 4106 42nd St

Please repaint commercial zone '20 min max' at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School west curbside. Needs repainting. Directly in front of admin office twin glass doors for trucks to make deliveries.
CLOSED - 7 days ago #02407163

Curb at 6300 Rancho Mission Rd

ecl, from Friars Rd to beginning of bus zone. Please evaluate to eliminate portions of the red curb to create more parking
CLOSED - 14 days ago #02388272

Curb at 3843 Van Dyke Ave

People have been parking and blocking my driveway. I've called the parking enforcement officers multiple times and now I see that someone has tried to paint the curb grey.
CLOSED - 23 days ago #02396384
Curb at 3843 Van Dyke Ave

Curb at 3918 Gresham St

Illegally painted red curbs on East side of Gresham street. For most of the block.
CLOSED - 23 days ago #00398337
Curb at 3918 Gresham St

Curb at 4944 Cass St

Commercial loading zone parking(yellow zone) was repainted by manager of the Condo Complex, last week. The wording "Commercial Loading Zone" with time limit was never repainted. So it's just a yellow curb.
CLOSED - 23 days ago #02394973

Curb at 4605 Esther St

Curbs painted red by residents
CLOSED - 27 days ago #00396421
Curb at 4605 Esther St

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