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Curb at 12526 Darkwood Rd

Severely deteriorating handicap sidewalk ramp. I tripped on it and almost fell down.
IN PROCESS 28 days ago #02699067

Curb at 4158 Georgia St

The curb is damaged and it is dangerous for tires and people stepped the curb. Also, the red zone paint is very faded and people are parking in the red zone.
IN PROCESS 6 months ago #02539505

Curb at 2044 Chatsworth Blvd

Our curb is broken and crumbling. We are a dental office with many elderly patients that may trip or twist their ankle when exiting their car. The curb was fine until about mid-2018 when a sewer crew was here to repair a line under the...
IN PROCESS 9 months ago #02464703

Curb at 2044 Market St

Hole in curb. Trip and fall on 7/7/2018.
IN PROCESS 12 months ago #02409038

Curb at 4031 Avati Dr

car been left abandoned for more then 3 weeks with flat tire and expired tags.
REFERRED about 1 year ago #00353085

Curb at 4852 West Mountain View Drive

Owner removed all of the curb January 2018 and hasnt done anything about damage. Piles of dirt and debris everywhere are hazardous. Also has blocked off street with barricades so 4 street parking spaces are removed.
REFERRED over 1 year ago #00325308

Curb at 7510 Draper Avenue, La Jolla

water spraying
REFERRED over 1 year ago #00323927

Curb at 5190 Governor Dr

Volvo plate # 6RVX274
REFERRED over 1 year ago #00322360


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