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Curb at 1050 B ST, 92101

Repaint and re-stencil 3 min passenger loading zone. faded
IN PROCESS about 23 hours ago #00296280

Curb at 32ND ST & UPAS ST,, 92104

The red no parking in front of my house and by my driveway needs painted red again please. It's faded pretty bad and people keep blocking my driveway. Can you help me please. Thank you
IN PROCESS about 23 hours ago #00296277

Curb at 418 03RD AV, 92101

Repaint & re-stencil 3 min loading zone its faded.
IN PROCESS about 24 hours ago #00296276

Curb at 1600 Columbia Street

Please repaint the faded red curb on the west curb line, just north of W. Cedar
NEW 1 day ago #00296183

Curb at 3404 Crown Point Drive

Very large track driven Backhoe doing new pipe replacement in our street, accidentally broke a large piece of curbing off in front of our house. I would like it repaired while the large chunk of curb is still intact.
NEW 2 days ago #00295886

Curb at 7781 Eagle Ridge Drive

Curb sticks up can trip on it.
NEW 3 days ago #00295660

Curb at 11341 Meadow Flower Pl

This curb appears to be recently painted by someone living in the home. No other neighborhood curbs are painted.
NEW 3 days ago #00295659

Curb at 8900 La Jolla Scenic Dr N, La Jolla

Please repaint red curbs. Curbs are extremely faded.
NEW 3 days ago #00295560

Curb at 5185 Via Playa Los Santos

Drain Pipe from Home exposed due to sidewalk lifting. Exposed at the curb near driveway. Sidewalk is also lifting and breaking up due to Tree Roots.
IN PROCESS 3 days ago #00295534

Curb at 10906-10980 Sunny Meadow St

A large eucalyptus tree (60+ feet tall) fell down from the vernal pool area into my side yard on 2/14/2018. (My address is 10980 Sunny Meadow St, 92126) There are more of those tall trees on Sunny Meadow Street in front of the Vernal Pool...
NEW 3 days ago #00295381

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