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Pothole at 5305-5373 Fairmount Ave Expy

Please repair several potholes going NORTH on Fairmount Ave, from Montezuma Rd all the way to the 8 Freeway ramp. There are several on the middle lane, and the right lane. I cannot pull over to take pictures, if you can please inspect and...
IN PROCESS about 4 hours ago #00296400

Pothole at 4505-4887 Montezuma Rd

Please repair several potholes on the eastbound lane of Montezuma Rd. Both lanes, starting from Fairmount Ave all the way to Collwood Blvd. I cannot pull over to take pictures of every single pothole, there are many. Please patch them all...
IN PROCESS about 4 hours ago #00296399

Pothole at 12472 Pomerado Court

The street needs the asphalt repaired. This has been requested dozens of times over the last several years.
NEW about 16 hours ago #00296360

Pothole at Ridgeway Drive

Ridgeway Drive in Kensington is a mess! Our street has not been repaved since I've lived here (14 years). I've seen runners trip over the loose gravel and cracks in our road numerous times. I wonder if anyone has sued the city for injurie...
IN PROCESS about 19 hours ago #00296340

Pothole at Aguamiel Road

Aguamiel NEEDS to be resurfaced - it is cracked, sunken, uneven and potholed. This street was the scene of many lost houses in the 2007 wildfires. Then the street was bombarded with heavy construction equipment as the neighborhood was reb...
IN PROCESS about 22 hours ago #00296306

Pothole at 4001-4033 Gesner St

entering gesner from morena blvd several potholes and more up gesner
IN PROCESS about 22 hours ago #00296295

Pothole at 1001 HORNBLEND ST, 92109

Pothole east bound in the south lane
IN PROCESS about 23 hours ago #00296286

Pothole at 3314 MISSION BL, 92109

Pothole 1' x 1' in alley between 3308 and 3314 Mission Bl.
IN PROCESS 1 day ago #00296256

Pothole at 4184 Arden Way

There is uneven asphalt in the street in front of our (4184 Arden Way) and our neighbor's house (4182 Arden Way). Yesterday, an adult tripped and fell, resulting in injury. She was holding a small child at the time, but the child was no...
NEW 1 day ago #00296224

Pothole at 448-498 Athey Ave

Eastbound Smythe Avenue, right lane at the intersection of Athey Avenue, there are 4 - 5 potholes.
NEW 1 day ago #00296201

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