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Pothole at 10947 Scripps Ranch Blvd

Scripps Ranch Boulevard between Affinity Ct and Mira Mesa Blvd is full of potholes ruts and exposed manhole covers. Never resurfaced, but the rest of Scripps Ranch Blvd further up the hill has been done TWICE . It’s time to complete this...
IN PROCESS 13 days ago #00386303

Pothole at 5052 CLAIREMONT DR, 92117

Potholes in alley
IN PROCESS 13 days ago #00322897

Pothole at 6001 Navajo Rd

Potholes on Navajo Road South need to be filled
IN PROCESS 26 days ago #00367217

Pothole at 3601-3671 N Harbor Dr

Deep Pothole, in lane on Harbor Dr. approaching/ leading into Terminal 2
IN PROCESS 2 months ago #00344520

Pothole at Genesee Avenue

Between I-5 and Eastgate Mall, the southbound bike lane areas are uneven and have vertical ruts that can catch a bicycle wheel and cause a crash. There are new sidewalks installed with gutters that do not mesh with the asphalt on the roa...
IN PROCESS 2 months ago #00344171

Pothole at 3056 Ivy St

The alley behind 3048 Ivy St. is in bad shape, with a section of concrete protruding maybe 10" above the street level - high enough to hit my car's undercarriage when I drove over it by mistake. It appears as though the sewer line or sto...
REFERRED 3 months ago #00333407

Pothole at 4851-4899 Milton St

Once again the asphalt is pock-marked after one rain storm. Needs resurfacing, not patching.
IN PROCESS 4 months ago #00327399

Pothole at 9225 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

Resurfacing request since Clairemont Mesa Blvd has cracks, pot holes, missing pavement, in both east and west directions from the address: 10274-10428 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92124 to 9225 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA...
IN PROCESS 4 months ago #00322271

Pothole at 2760 Alta View Dr

Road path hole. San Diego water I think is fixing this a couple of months ago and now the road that they open and closed have been going deeper.
REFERRED 4 months ago #00322241

Pothole at Carmel Mountain Rd & I-15

this is not for a pothole, but there was no category for broken sprinkler spewing water into the air. there is a broken sprinkler in the area between the freeway on ramp and the Best Buy on the North East on ramp for the 15 freeway fro...
REFERRED 4 months ago #00320859

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