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Pothole at 5005 Park W Ave

At the corner of Merrimac and Park West there is a pothole in the street that is getting bigger. Also raised sidewalk by vynel fence side that is getting dangerous.
IN PROCESS 14 days ago #00334139

Pothole at 3056 Ivy St

The alley behind 3048 Ivy St. is in bad shape, with a section of concrete protruding maybe 10" above the street level - high enough to hit my car's undercarriage when I drove over it by mistake. It appears as though the sewer line or sto...
REFERRED 15 days ago #00333407

Pothole at 3531-3599 Palm Ave

IN PROCESS 16 days ago #00333123

Pothole at 4814-4828 Sagasti Ave

Large deteriorated repair of the road.
IN PROCESS 16 days ago #00332778

Pothole at 1000-1028 W Mission Bay Dr

Potholes in the westbound #2 lane in the 1000 block of West Mission Bay Dr.
IN PROCESS 18 days ago #00331786

Pothole at 2848 Meade Avenue

Large rectangular pothole near at the stop sign where Mead and Utah intersect. Hard to avoid due to stop required.
IN PROCESS 22 days ago #00330095

Pothole at 10079-10099 Camino Ruiz

4-5 potholes, 25-40 yards before the intersection with Jade Coast Dr.
IN PROCESS 22 days ago #00330038

Pothole at 2923-2939 N Harbor Dr

Potholes on the center two lanes for a 100 -150 yard stretch going towards airport.
IN PROCESS 22 days ago #00330030

Pothole at 6234 Lourdes Terrace

Northbound College Avenue from I-8 to Del Cero Blvd. is full of holes and cracks in both lanes and needs re-surfacing.
IN PROCESS 23 days ago #00329691

Pothole at 4851-4899 Milton St

Once again the asphalt is pock-marked after one rain storm. Needs resurfacing, not patching.
IN PROCESS 28 days ago #00327399

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