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Parking Issue at 8275 Larkdale Ave, San Diego, Ca 92123, Usa

Dismantled boat:no registration on boat or trailer. Owner says he will store it there forever.
NEW - 2 days ago #03032078

Parking Issue at 3121 Emerson St, San Diego, Ca 92106, Usa

Cars parked on 3121 Emerson St parked longer than 72 hours on a monthly basis, RED CHEVELLE, BLU BMW, RED PICKUP, SILVER VAN
IN PROCESS - 3 days ago #03022128

Parking Issue at 3504 41st St, San Diego, Ca 92105, Usa

Truck has been parked in same location for a few months without being moved.
NEW - 5 days ago #03029386

Parking Issue at 866 24th St, San Diego, Ca 92102, Usa

Dark gray
NEW - 5 days ago #03028712

Parking Issue at 2320–2398 Famosa Blvd

White truck with stolen bikes piled up in the back. Many transients hang out around the truck throughout the day spreading trash on the sidewalk and street.
IN PROCESS - 5 months ago #02911079

Parking Issue at 3110 Browning St

Trailer is 33.5 feet long and creates blind spot to get out of our driveway also is less than 30 feet from intersection
CLOSED 5 months ago #02911727

Parking Issue at 3915 Madison Ave

This car has been parked in front our house, blocking our driveway for over 8 hours. We can't find the owner and cannot remove our car/enter our own driveway
CLOSED 5 months ago #02910807

Parking Issue at 3722 Madison Ave

Car parked in fire lane.
CLOSED 5 months ago #02897956

Parking Issue at 8875 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla

There are two minivans that park illegally on Villa La Jolla Drive, between Morning Way and La Jolla Village Dr. They swap places every few days, but the distance between them is less than 1/10th of a mile (about 400 feet). They adverti...
NEW 5 months ago #02897859

Parking Issue at 11492 Edgewood Pl

parked here for over a week without moving.
NEW 5 months ago #02897829

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