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Other at 1600-1604 Newton Ave

72 Hrs abatement. ON Corner of 16th & Newton Ave Lic. Plate 5PGZ162 Dark Green Make/Model BMW/328I
NEW about 4 hours ago #00296406

Other at 4454 58th Street

I would like to request more traffic control/presence at the 4 way intersection of Adelaide and 58th St. It's a 4 way stop intersection which is heavily used during commuter hours. Many drivers excellerate through the intersection witho...
NEW about 5 hours ago #00296382

Other at 700 Grand Avenue

All concrete parking stops in parking stalls are either broken in pieces or missing please repair. This is the second report of this nature.
NEW about 5 hours ago #00296378

Other at 838 San Luis Rey Place

Metal plates on new vault in street are loose and clank whenever a vehicle goes over them. Undergrounding contractor fails to keep them bolted down. It's clank-clank day and night - very annoying.
NEW about 22 hours ago #00296310

Other at 7242 Olivetas Avenue, La Jolla

Orange and red paint , indicating the location of utilities, has been sprayed on the STREET adjacent to the curb in front of my house. I've tried to remove the paint, but cannot do so. I believe it will have to be removed with the appro...
NEW about 22 hours ago #00296307

Other at 10798 Oakbend Drive

Inoperative vehicle parked in public view on private property. This vehicle is never moved, covered with tarp, is up on blocks, not parked in driveway. Vehicle has not been moved in years. Should be out of public view parked in garage.
NEW about 22 hours ago #00296303

Other at Worden St

3 shopping carts left on sidewalk on Worden near recycling center. Also drug paraphernalia behind Preferred by Pets on Worden.
REFERRED 1 day ago #00296158

Other at 4444 Caminito Hierro

HOA public meeting room is in violation of code regarding number of exits, windows, etc.. yet they continue to use it for meetings. This jeopardizes the safety of all people who enter. And they have been told in the past that the room is...
NEW 1 day ago #00296144

Other at Balboa Park

There is a VERY active homeless camp just underneath the Quince St (?) bridge. NB 163. West side. It is packed with stuff and is growing.
NEW 2 days ago #00296068

Other at 3545 Front Street

In the alley behind the property are 2 signs, "3545 Reserved" on the street in the alley.
NEW 2 days ago #00295987

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