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Other at 2365 Reo Dr

Vagrants still congratulating on front of this store by the tree at the south end. Some, driving by on bikes stopping momentarily and leaving whistling at each other and loitering. I used to live in Sherman heights, I know suspicious ac...
REFERRED 3 days ago #00338958

Other at 18448 West Bernardo Drive

Fire Hydrant released water and left a deep dangerous rut along the side of the road where people walk, run and bike. Rut needs to be filled to prevent injury to public.
REFERRED 3 days ago #00338828

Other at 5084 Mt La Platta Dr

This has been previously reported and the officer assigned, Officer Morales, is now on Lite Duty and cannot go see the rear of this house. The REAR of the house was damaged and all the debris is sliding down the hill towards my street....
REFERRED 8 days ago #00336520

Other at 201-299 W A St

I understand that this is a rest stop for MTS busses, but can they please not block the pedestrian light facing East along A St? If the bus is blocking the pedestrian light, people crossing westbound on A St do not know when they can lega...
REFERRED 9 days ago #00336019

Other at 5536 Chollas Station Rd

Two large areas of charcoal/wood from burned campfires are on this concrete slab. The slab is located within North Chollas Park. Illegal campfires are a safety concern for surrounding residences. Leaving them there encourages more of...
REFERRED 10 days ago #00335396

Other at 3545 Marlesta Drive

Neighbor has over storage of trash in back yard leading to infestation of rodents in my home. Multiple dogs with a decaying smell lingering from feces. Have been very hesitant in reporting as I am in fear of retaliation, we have small...
REFERRED 11 days ago #00334930

Other at 4087 Marlesta Drive

The property at 4087 Marlesta Drive has tons of garbage, debris, parked vehicles (including a trailer parked on the lawn that has not moved for years) and an extreme amount of hoarding on the property.
REFERRED 11 days ago #00334917

Other at 3527 Waco Street

Vehicle has been Abandoned for 7 days now.
REFERRED 11 days ago #00334719

Other at 1620 Robinson Ave

Landscaping (bushes) overgrown into the sidewalk.
REFERRED 14 days ago #00333809

Other at 1257 Virginia Way, La Jolla

This car is parked in front of my driveway. Been there for hours.
REFERRED 16 days ago #00332936

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