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Street Flooded at 1050 Shafter St

There is a sinkhole forming at the corner of Shafter Street and Canon Street in San Diego, CA 92106. There has been fresh water coming up from a small 6-8" manhole in the street for over 2 months, but the depression in the asphalt around...
REFERRED 6 months ago #00360039

Street Flooded at 12405 Caminito Mira Del Mar

The city meter is flooding street. Picture attached. Report on 05/25/18 with ticket number #202-000-37144 with no response. Reported again today with ticket number 202-000-35920. Per attached picture the city meter is flooding. City meter.
REFERRED 8 months ago #00343400

Street Flooded at Nile Street

The drinking fountain in Montclair Park in North Park (end of Nile Street) is on full blast, and cannot be shut off. Wasting A LOT of water.
REFERRED 9 months ago #00323999


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