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Street Flooded at 5771 La Jolla Hermosa Ave, La Jolla

The unpaved dirt alley behind our home has no city drainage system so when it rains water collects from the alley & other homes adjacent to alley draining to the low point of the alley, which happens to be our back yard. Every winter we...
IN PROCESS - about 3 hours ago #03004176

Street Flooded at 13744 Boquita Dr, Del Mar, Ca 92014, Usa

After rain, water collects in front of driveway forming a large puddle that persists for many days. This is safety and health concern (small children, mosquitos, etc). It is not draining properly. This is due to the street sinking only in...
IN PROCESS - about 7 hours ago #03033712

Street Flooded at 12404 Mona Lisa St

Drain overflowing constantly for months.
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #03031213

Street Flooded at 1012 C St

Still not fixed, still dangerous. 10th and C St., downtown San Diego.
IN PROCESS - 5 days ago #02478877
Street Flooded at 1012 C St

Street Flooded at 753 Midway St, La Jolla

Street Flooded Description: Dirt Alley between Bellevue on the east and Taft on west, north of Colima and south of Midway st Continually floods when we have rain. The water pools against my property wall and has caused damage to my prop...
IN PROCESS - 8 days ago #03025449

Street Flooded at 4318 Dwight St

NOTE: CLOSEST DRAIN TO LOCATION WAS SELECTED ON MAP. alley is flooded with water cant cross street theres no storm drain a storm drain is needed
IN PROCESS - 14 days ago #02996246
Street Flooded at 4318 Dwight St

Street Flooded at 3677 Swift Ave

NOTE: CHECK GUARDRAIL & DRAIN DITCH REFER AS NEEDED; Existing guardrail has a very poor drain system. Because of that, the water is accumulating on the street, then filtering through to my property and basement. Causing potentially seve...
IN PROCESS - 16 days ago #02841200
Street Flooded at 3677 Swift Ave

Street Flooded at 320 W Washington St

Every year it rains, and it floods on our street. We have to block our front door with towels and a sheet of wood to our antique store to prevent our very valuable antiques from being damaged by the inches of water that pour into our buil...
IN PROCESS - 20 days ago #02423484

Street Flooded at 4344 Del Mar Ave

The city came out to repair this issue. Instead of installing a drain to fix the issue of ponding and no drainage caused by the newer sewer/water access, you all did come out and put rocks in. Now and months later (a neighbor complains...
IN PROCESS - 20 days ago #02421773
Street Flooded at 4344 Del Mar Ave

Street Flooded at 3665 44th St

During the rain this alley gets flooded up to the point where neighbors cannot access their home entrance easily. It's dangerous for cars because it's the main access point to their properties and it's also where they put the trash cans f...
IN PROCESS - 20 days ago #02520476

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