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Timing at 3209 Ingraham St

Traffic light timing needs adjustment...ty
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00371175

Timing at 10500–10524 Camino Santa Fe

The greenlight for traffic heading east and west on Miramesa Boulevard is too long. There's not that much traffic in the middle of the day on a weekday
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00369231

Timing at 1960–1998 Pacific Hwy

Northbound Stoplight on grape crossing pacific highway has improper timing to allow for a normal flow of traffic
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00369271

Timing at 6952–6998 El Cajon Blvd

Left turn from El Cajon to 70th takes over 2.5 mins to change
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00368373

Timing at 3200 Genesee Ave

Going south on genesee to turn right on Park Mesa way it take too long. Sometimes not even turn green to turn right. It is dangerous during the nite. A lot o car cross the red light. It is a dark place, and everyone is scared to be waiti...
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00369000

Timing at 9057 Lake Murray Blvd

Went through traffic on Lake Murray goes through the intersection either north or south the light trips to stop us for this intersection. This happens when there is no cars in the intersection waiting to turn left or right.
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00367905

Timing at 3871 Fourth Ave

Green light too short dangerous/south bound
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00369871

Timing at Frazee Road

In the morning, the traffic signal going north on Frazee Rd at Ralph's Driveway has a green light for less than a half-second. It will only allow 1 or 2 cars to go. Cars are running the red light due to impatience. The contractors work...
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00369455

Timing at 5571–5597 Santo Rd

Lights will not turn for motorcycles in the turning lane. If you want to turn into Santo road. (Both turning lights on east and west Antigua Blvd).
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00369383
Timing at 5571–5597 Santo Rd

Timing at 4168 43rd St

The south facing traffic signal sensor on Boundary at Meade will register a bicycle is there and turns cross traffic red but will not go green to allow a bicycle to cross Meade. The lights for east/west traffic go green again without ev...
CLOSED - 6 months ago #00367604

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