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Timing at Thrive Drwy

This traffic light takes too long to change when they're are cars waiting to turn in and to come out of Kaiser. I've seen cars go against the red light, there are no cars coming, I've even been at the signal light on weekends and have no...
IN PROCESS - about 1 hour ago #02733461

Timing at 4343 Nobel Dr

Left turn light from westbound Nobel to Southbound Genesee has suddenly become very short. This is causing cars to backup on Nobel
IN PROCESS - about 1 hour ago #02733458

Timing at W Mission Bay Dr & Mariners Way

The turn arrow to Mariners Way for westbound traffic on West Mission Bay Dr. automatically turns green even if there are no cars in the turn lane. This causes the eastbound traffic to wait at the light even though there is no traffic turn...
IN PROCESS - about 16 hours ago #02732826

Timing at Carmel Vista Rd

Traffic signals cycle through all lights even without cars.
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02732574

Timing at University Av & College Av, San Diego, Ca 92115, Usa

Westbound light only stays red about 20 seconds.
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02732299

Timing at 9469–9475 Aero Dr

Traffic lights alll changing much more rapidly than usual. Took me three lights to make a left hand turn, which normally would take one cycle. Please check out this intersection! PAGED H565 AT 11:04 9/13/19
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02731782

Timing at 4493 Ruffin Rd

In the last two weeks, it has been taking me up to an hour to travel from work at 8611 Balboa Ave. to my home in Tierrasanta. The drive usually takes around 15 minutes. When he light at Balboa and Ruffin Road turns green (for east-bound t...
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02731874

Timing at 3910 Sorrento Valley Blvd

I had another report on the timing of the traffic lights. I was told it was taken care of and I have sat through three green lights and not made it through either. The photo shows the back ups
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02731477
Timing at 3910 Sorrento Valley Blvd

Timing at 5785 Mission Center Rd

The traffic signal for Aquatera Driveway and Mission Center Road is not responsive. Cars will be stopped in both lanes to turn left and right, which requires a green signal to proceed, and the signal is never triggered. You can wait up to...
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02718979

Timing at 204 New Salem St

The light does not work properly, causing long delays on the left turn. In the mornings and with the high school traffic it makes it worse. Only 2 cars can go at a time and there is always a LONG line on this left hand turn
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02719927

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