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Timing at Navajo Rd & Bisby Lake Ave

Going south on Bisby Lake across Navajo the signal turns yellow almost immediately after turning green. At most, two cars make it through the light. This is especially troublesome during school drop off and pick up hours at Gage Elementar...
IN PROCESS - 21 minutes ago #02424754

Timing at 3026 Lytton St

Not cycling
IN PROCESS - about 1 hour ago #02424748

Timing at Aero Dr & Afton Rd

Signal at Aero Dr and Afton Rd is on an all day timer. Now that street resurfacing is done can it be put back to sensors? Otherwise Aero and or Afton will be at crawl traffic.
IN PROCESS - about 1 hour ago #02424717

Timing at N Torrey Pines Rd & La Jolla Shores Dr

This light seems like it runs several different programs at different times of day. In the morning and afternoon when traffic is high the timing seems fine, but in the evening after about 6 o clock the light stays Green on Torrey pines fo...
IN PROCESS - about 10 hours ago #02424664

Timing at 7121 Park Ridge Blvd

Same problem I've brought up before. Anytime between 3:00 and 6:00 when crossing Navajo Rd while on Park Ridge Blvd, the wait time is over 100 seconds, and then it's about 8 seconds to cross Navajo Rd. In addition, almost daily I drive up...
IN PROCESS - about 12 hours ago #02424647

Timing at Clairemont Mesa Bl & Antigua Bl

Timing for Clairemont Mesa and Antigua seems to be off. Streets were resurfaced about 2 weeks ago, but the traffic sensors don't seem to be influencing light changes. Thanks!
IN PROCESS - about 15 hours ago #02424585

Timing at 2404 Biola Ave

Left turn signal is too short. Will only allow 1-3 cars to turn before it goes red. This leads to really long lines after school let’s out.
IN PROCESS - about 15 hours ago #02424446

Timing at 729 W Washington St

IN PROCESS - about 19 hours ago #02424342
Timing at 729 W Washington St

Timing at Clairemont Mesa Bl & Ruffner St

Eastbound on Clairemont Mesa Bl, motorists seeing both red & green lights at the same, very confusing. Pls use red left-turn arrow light instead. Thx.
IN PROCESS - 1 day ago #02421028

Timing at 3468 Alonquin Way

the light timing is wrong, facing east wanting to turn north on cochran, the light only stays green for maybe 2 cars. in the 5 pm to 8pm there can be 10 cars wanting to turn. sat thru 3 lite changes to finally make turn
IN PROCESS - 2 days ago #02416249

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