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Timing at 144, 6785 Mira Mesa Blvd

Some lights go twice and never let others go its making people late for work
IN PROCESS - 5 minutes ago #00337982

Timing at 2748–2774 Genesee Ave

Turning left from eastbound Genesee to northbound Linda Vista a bike can not trigger the sensor in the turn lane.
IN PROCESS - 5 minutes ago #00336274

Timing at 4366–4398 Ruffin Rd

Light timing at peak hours does not leave enough time for workers driving out of Solar Turbines parking lot to exit. Mainly happens at 2:30pm weekdays. The address is the intersection of Ruffin road and Ridgehaven court. Solar Turbines is...
IN PROCESS - 5 minutes ago #00335422

Timing at 9877 Aero Dr

IN PROCESS - 5 minutes ago #00333773
Timing at 9877 Aero Dr

Timing at 9334–9394 Farnham St

The light for Farnham traffic to go is an allowed to go until Ruffin Road traffic turns left onto front of first. It's been jacked up for like a week at least
IN PROCESS - 5 minutes ago #00333306

Timing at 7799 Ronson Rd

This intersection (Convoy and Ronson) does not have the voice or sound signals for blind people. This intersection is used daily by a blind man to go to Starbucks and then back up Ronson Rd. I have helped him several times. He really n...
IN PROCESS - 5 minutes ago #00331405

Timing at 16919 Four Gee Rd

On numerous occasions drivers are neglecting right of way laws which have caused numerous accidents as well as many near accidents. This intersection is heavily traveled by kids as it is close to a high school, middle school and shopping...
NEW - about 13 hours ago #00339999

Timing at Mission Center Road

Taking way too long to turn green during rush hour traffic. There were almost two accidents due to cars blocking the intersection while waiting for light to change. The light getting into the freeway.
IN PROCESS - about 15 hours ago #00339948

Timing at 3591-3599 Daley Center Dr

When riding in the bike lane from Daley center drive across Aero to Ruffin, the light will never sense a cyclist and turn green, despite bike Lanes on both sides of the street.
IN PROCESS - about 17 hours ago #00339899

Timing at 10471–10499 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

Light takes too long to change. Sometimes turns red for all directions then goes back to red for waiting cars and green for empty lanes.
IN PROCESS - about 19 hours ago #00337393

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