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Parking Issue at 5802 Sagebrush Rd, La Jolla

This boat has been parked on the street for over a month. It never moves the owners are out of town most of the time.
NEW 5 minutes ago #02408028

Other at El Cajon Blvd & 69th St

Homeless encampment - bikes, carts, chairs, clothing all over the sidewalk. No one else can use the PUBLIC sidewalk. Tonight there were about 12 - 15 people there.
NEW 18 minutes ago #02408023

Parking Issue at 5858 Vale Way

Car has been parked for several days. Not seen in the area before.
NEW 32 minutes ago #02408022

Illegal Dumping at 2939 Coronado Ave

Sidewalk always has illegal dumping issues. There's a for profit donation box there on Madden Ave. Behind Northgate Supermarket and as soon as the trash is cleared, there's new trash right away like mattresses, chairs, TV, etc.... Not s...
IN PROCESS 39 minutes ago #02408021

Missed Collection at 7420 Via Capri, La Jolla

The blue bin was not emptied.
IN PROCESS about 1 hour ago #02408019

Missed Collection at 7964 Roseland Dr, La Jolla

missed green recycling
IN PROCESS about 1 hour ago #02408017

Illegal Dumping at 4321 Eastgate Mall

Illegal electronics dumping: Extensive blue and white cabling, metal boxes (Altronix label), security camera plastic mounts and covers, wall outlet plates with cable connectors, metal cable connectors, code entry plastic panel & attached...
IN PROCESS about 1 hour ago #02408013

Parking Issue at 3785 Arnold Ave

Car has been parked for 4 days.
NEW about 1 hour ago #02408001

Parking Issue at 2829 Carleton St

Truck parked in same spot for over two weeks. No one has gone in or out of the truck. Taking up residential parking.
NEW about 1 hour ago #02407994

Missed Collection at 2170 Venice St

My trash was not collected today. I checked at 6PM and also checked my neighbor's black trash container and it was full.
IN PROCESS about 2 hours ago #02407990

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